Kuvumilia Maisha ya Ndoa


Mum’s I don’t want to leave my marriage but I really want you to advise me on how to deal with my husband.i have a one year old daughter .three to four times a week my husband never comes home n his phone is off ama he won’t pick .mtoto wangu anakuwanga Na complications za kifua n it gets so dangerous at night in a way that atafungana anashindwa kupumua ñ am alone I don’t know what to do then mchana ako Sawa…I ask this man atleast ajaribu kuwa home atleast mtoto akifungana tutaenda hosi but it’s nothing serious to him.mums am dying inside.he arrives home at 4 am n atashinda home to trick me Hadi nlisahau tulikosana …I don’t want to leave mum’s . nilimuuliza anasema Ni pombe tu. Even when my daughter is almost suffocating in my own hands najaribu kutafuta means za kwenda hosi all in vain…am shocked am falling into depression…am not myself anymore.i cry overnight I have a small Soko that keeps me going I don’t know who to talk to.i don’t have anyone to tell my problems am trying to save up but the income is too low.he provides everything sometimes n sometimes anajisahaulisha tu.av tried to leave three times since 2017 nikaishi Na wazazi wangu but he comes with his people n apologize.mara ya mwisho my dad told me to go back Na nivumilie ndoa…am so stressed out help a sister.i try to kukataa pekejeng but he rapes me cha nguvu …I even bought condoms but alikataa.mums. I hide my anger by dressing up very smart ata kama Ni mtush za t20 Bob…n also my baby… very many men will come after me…but this man anataka tutembee Na yeye all over my job n around home ndio kila mtu aone we are a powerful couple…but deep down inside it all tears n sadness…nilimuuliza Ametoka wapi n he beat me up like a child Na anakataa nitoke… pliz advice

Peleka mtoto atibiwe corona … @TrumanCapote, we ni msupu you be my mpango?

Shida ziko hapa ni nyingi, sijui tutatue gani tuache gani…

But as a MD, ambia mama to keep the baby as warm as possible.

If you were important to him, he would stay. Obviously you tricked him with a baby and now you don’t know what to do

I respect married ladies. After all this, she still looks her best plus her baby. Imagine. Strong mommy.

Huwezi afford my deer. Tafuta mtoi wa college, hawana mahitaji Mengi kama mimi. I spend money like water. Hutawezana Okonkwo.

People must get married by hook or crook.