Kuuliza tu, David Rudisha alienda wapi

This question can fall in either the general forum or sports forum ama hata pia sex and rtnsphs depending on what went down which I don’t know


There was an article on him kwa BBC Google it up usome… Long read

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The last time i heard of him he was involved in an accident… tangu io siku he ghosted.

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Sometimes you need to know the purpose of Google, not depend on others to do the work and spoon feed you…

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Training to get back from injuries. According to the report he was overweight. So cutting back some. Olympics is postponed so he will have possibly another year to train. But it will be good to see him in regular races first. [MEDIA=twitter]1245686559426387968[/MEDIA]

Ghaseer jifunze kusoma

The 30-year-old Kenyan, who is the 800m world record holder, has not competed since May 2017 because of recurrent back and knee injuries.
He has also suffered the death of his father, the breakdown of his marriage and survived a serious car crash.
“The injury has gone now. I want to say that is now past and I want to focus on the future,” said Rudisha.
"I was very close with my father. It was a great loss. He was the one who drove me behind my career.
“Because I knew my father was an athlete, it gave me that passion to love sport and to try to become an athlete like him. He’s been a great inspiration to me.”
During his troubles, Rudisha admitted he had issues struggling to control his weight and started to “party a little bit”.
“I’m moving forward and I have a good plan for the future,” he added:
"The main thing is that the injury has gone and now I can keep myself busy.
“I can get back to training and that is the best thing. I want to be as positive as possible.”

Oh God all these happenings to one man, may he regain the reins in his life again.

Fucking around and partying is not suffering.

Same reason that Usain Bolt quit. He said that he wants to party. In his own words.

This video of dancing pallbearers nazipenda sana. Where can I see many of them?

Reference muhimu brathee

There are a lot on YouTube… Just search


Found the article on BBC website