kuuliza sio ujinga

And those old Russian and U.S. generals wanatakanga sana kunuke each other . Yaani jamaa amekaa na nyama imeiva for 80 years but ameambiwa hawes kula

Boss wacha uongo. The NPD in German is accused of being Neo Nazi. Case ilifika hadi constitutional court…

Jangili…nakupatia heads up unadai nakuchomea. Sawa tu. Ruciu ngona akimunjwo ngire…

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Best Downfall parodies




Don’t tell me that you actually are basing your debate on a movie? A Hollywood idea of the Holocaust? Jeeeiso.
Am out!

Movie was based on the memoirs of Traudl Junge who was Hitler’s personal secretary and corroborated by his personal doctor who were both found not guilty by the Nuremberg trials. In short i’m saying its a true story. Kujitoa kwako haimanishi history will change. The movie is almost 100% accurate on the last days of Hitler and even how he and his dear Eva Braun committed suicide.

Oh, and personally, i’ve been to Dachau and Bergen-Belsen former Concentration camps(now memorials). Note the difference between Concentration and Extermination camps. Niko na Nazi history kwa fingertips kama unataka nikufunze sema tu



Sitaki unifunze. You deny that neo nazis exist in German. Being there done that,is squarely negated by that denial.

I havent denied, what i meant is that they dont manifest themselves in the open like the American neo-nazis. Unakasirika nini sasa?:D:D

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Oh now you explain yaself. And decide that nimekasirika… Okay. :smiley: :smiley:

But didnt Israelis already exact enough vengeance by hunting down the holocaust architects and assasinating them one by one in europe (read about the secret underground intel, the hagana), and even kidnapped Adolf Eichman from Argentina in a movie like scene and brought him for a public trial in Isreal in the early 60s…

I pointed out quite clearly that neo nazis outside germany are more active than within, tukianza na David Duke and his band of white supremacists, italy, ireland. To prove my point, there’s no representation of any member of the neonazis in the Bundestag nor in the state parliaments of Germany but in the European parliament they have one. And if you were in the business of dismissing all movies with the belief they arent factual at all, then may be you need to reconsider that coz some of them do carry the closest truth of history. Especially those from memoirs.

I admire how well versed people here are about European history because of the material available in libraries and online. When shall we as Africans be able to do the same?
Sahii nikiuliza about the 1992 land clashes in Molo, Genocide in Rwanda ama post election violence in 2007, the most plausible answer I will get is RWNEBP…


He he he, only me can relate.

Una ufala sana.

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The Germans are no walk in the park. Israel is no match for Germany. The last time in a fight the Israelis almost got wiped out by Egypt. The only thing that rescued them is the US stepped in and shipped arms to them overnight. They didn’t even have time to paint and wipe out USA logos off the missiles and tanks. They substained heavy casualties.

And don’t forget that Hitler was a German jew.

Na utafute title ya hizi upuss zako.
Ile kuuliza si ujinga tunatambua ni ya regional manager peke yake.

I watch Escape from Subibor * when I was very little, I do not think I would stand watching another one of those

Ambia bibi akate tu makei

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Germans are resilient and ruthless. Wanacheza chini

Ati God’s people… fuck the jews

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