kuuliza sio ujinga

And remember Jews own the mighty USA

I need to have a look in my box AGAIN. One of the haters that labled me blonde hia hehehehehehehe was in there asking for shipping details from UK to Kenya. How can a blonde person know this as he labled me blonde???.
Shame shame shame. Never ever ever.

Ignore the trolls sweets

@kush yule mnono kuja mbio. The mother of your still in knees shudren…

@Miss Finest Wine it is never in my place to interfere or even purport to tell someone how to skin their cat lakini hizi njangili mbili @uwesmake na @kush yule mnono aca mami…


No such a thing can happen , germans are feared all over europe because of their war like. It’s all over their history.
They led to collapse of roman empire.

I figured out that I am lost with the 2 of them but at least @uwesimake tells me he is married and all dat. I know where I stand with the bae. @Kush is something else, vvvv hard work. So since you have asked…my head is turned elsewhere.


I don’t think so…shida ilikua ni SS na henchmen wa Reich who retribution cought up with most of them

Most of the jews were in Poland, Austria and not Germany. Secondly, germans moved on from this jew thing kabisa. The neo-nazis are present yes, but not within the german borders.

Le scumpaka am confused here … unanichomea ama unani unganishia. Sasa mother of my shudren in the knee ameni.divorce itakuwaje na nlishafukuza ule fiancee wangu mfilipina?

Boss siku hizo war ni nuclear weapons. Moja tu inaangusha continent na ujue Germany has no nukes since the world had enough of them .

Nguruwe achana na bibi yangu jinga

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Watch the Movie ‘Downfall’ and see how beserk some of them had become, esp Himmler and Goebbels. Many parodies have been made in the scene where the generals wanaambia Hitler kua kumethoka. A very powerful and emotional movie


You can’t say they moved from the Jew thing na wali butcher 5 million of them

Kikikiki … @Mrs Kuria amekuwaje tena bibi yako?

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Muchatha Photo Studio, Ndumberi.

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Wacha ni download hii

Will be.

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Many of them were involved in the Bolshevik revolution that led to the formation of the USSR in 1917. And some of those Russian oligarchs who were cut down to size by Putin, are Jews.

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Msapere yafaa akutombe rasa ndio uwache kuwachukia

And who are those? Eiiiish.