kuuliza sio ujinga

Nimerelax hapa na Clichy since am grounded by msapere this weekend then I decided to watch some Nazi era movies on my Sony 62 inch 3d tv .

Hitler really tormented terrorised God’s people and you all know I like God’s people sana that’s why I loath arabs and Muslims . We say Leopold did the same to Africans but Hitler was plain evil , how do you wipe a whole 5 million people from the planet over nothing .

So here comes my question

Do you think God’s people aka the Israelis will ever forgive the Germans ama wana mark time waiting for the right time to annihilate the bavarians. Let’s not cheat ourselves ati it was Hitler who persecuted God’s people it was the whole Merkel nation and still the spirit iko hapo ndani . I can assure you mimi uuwe watu wangu wengi hivo I will always avenge even if it takes a million years. Hata hii Rwanda munachichanga ati wamesameheana one day people will have to be avenged . I hope it does not happen in the next 100 years nikiwa alive kina clichy wa deal nayo . Ahsandeni.


Navy seal dryfry artist uncle uwes .


Hauna pesa ya gibleys

Bibi amefunga muliango na kufuli

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Pesa ya gibleys na ten joint salute onge…


Shukuru leo amekusave labda ungeshikwa na alcoblow

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Like that Bae.

X6 inaweza panda hata titanium grills bila panktcha

Stick to hoes

I love you sweets but usiderail thread ama sitakulikck labia minora

You know I love you Bae. Carry on. Sitakuja kuharibu.

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Ankwesa si lasma utajetaje io CRT yako kila mara unapo ongea. Whats the title of the movie?


Kesho ukiamka enda studio upigwe picha ya sanduku juu naona hekaya ya “how a nappyseal gave me aids”

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Which movie?

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[ATTACH=full]112667[/ATTACH] everytime I read your thread this thing comes to mind.

Anywho, niite Ng’ombe alafu uendelee kula indomie hapo mkiwa na kulichy…
(hii tabia ya khubibi kutufungia tutamaliza tumbilee wakishinda tena)

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Which studio? Shall I ask? And ooooh no. If you have nada else to say, do not pick my Uwesi.

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Thanks dear

Berlin chronicles


That 5M were killed is disputed. Another thing to note is that Jews had been banned in many of other european countries, that is why many were in Germany. At the start of WW2 Jews were even chased away from France.

That said, there is nothing like Jews’ race or ethnicity today. If you accept judaism, you become a Jew.That’s why modern Israel includes black Africans, Chinese, Filipinos, Americans, pale skinned, blonde, blue eyed Scandinavians… all wearing skull caps and claiming to be Jews That simple fact shows that the Jews simply aren’t ethnically pure, and to claim that all those different peoples are somehow legitimately ‘Israelites’ is therefore a genetical and ethnological fallacy


Germany made efforts to get rid of the nazi image including making it illegal to even mention the word nazi…
They had to take the picture while sitting down because rosevelt was crippled

But the Israelites can never forget what the Germans did to their lineage . It’s just a matter of time tuamke tupate some mad Israeli General has wiped Germany off the map .