kuuliza sio ojinga....is raila ok????

kurunzi ya saba saba is a ktn2 program aired Monday to Wednesday 8-9 every week, according to the program, raila was tortured,subjected to human degrading conditions,he was locked up in nyayo chambers,he went for days without food,name everything there is in the world of pain and raila got it for years and years…
now,years and years later ,Raila |Amallo odinga has advised people from coast not to register as kenyans and avoid obtaining a legal document called id in readiness to boycott 2017 elections

nauliza tu kwa uzuri …is there something wrong with raila’s thinking…how can you offer such advice to one of the regions that gave you support in 2013 and hope to win in 2017???

lastly i now understand why raila behave like him…he is still living in kanus era

Tht why he was tortured …and that one of the aftermath disorders, inorder to never win any election

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The more funda you eat, the farther away engrich runs away from you


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