kuuliza sio ojinga....is operation okoa trajifoma a realistic venture????

i highly support the president on his genuine course to weed out illegal brews from citizens of this republic and mostly from central kenya…but,with genuine reservation ,attacking wines and spirits retail outlets is a mockery to society,attacking breweries is just a recipe of disaster,if i was Uhuru i would have led a crack down on industries that make chemicals that are used to make those liquors,not the sellers ,burning industries and leaving the chemical manufactures in business is like arresting a bangi smoker and letting the ganja farm flourish,if you want to clean a river,do it from the source

my question is,who is advising the president on taking such decisions,is the president receiving wrong advice ???

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The chemicals that are used to make the liquors are things that have industrial use. Shutting down the factory that makes ethanol means you wont have any legitimate alcohol, sterilizing products etc being produced in this country. Shutting down the factories that make methanol means you wont have things like carpet cleaning products, paint thinner etc.
Destruction of the factories/distilleries making the illict brews is unwarranted, but you do have to shut them down, but not the factories that make the independent products that go into making the drink.

El Presidente is so clueless its embarassing. What we are witnessing is a mockery of hard work and genuine industry.


We all heard what the President said but not all of are going around looting,its not that we got whatsapp’d by the president telling us not to break into legit businesses we just decided to use our common sense

Inaitwa public participation. Punda amechoka. Burn all the industries, break into all wine and spirits and everything there is. I just realized on Saturday i sipped a tot of illicit brew inaitwa Best.

Instead of disbanding KEBS which has licenced these products and firing the chiefs and police supporting the industry plus public health officials, this president chose the jungle law like a fool


Walk into any nakumatt saa hii…utaipata kwa shelf!

Jana afternoon is when I did a spot check in the hood, hakuna hata kibanda moja ya makali. Heard ati alcoholic dondaz hu kunywa kanusu every trip wanashake juu ya withdrawals.

Public participation kitu gani??? Jana I witnessed guys hired by Juja MP led by some APs break into a wines and Spirits joint, wanatupa mpaka kibao, KC, konyagi, Popov, moonwalker. Some guys even walked out with VAT69.

They don’t even check whether whether the liquor is legit, hii Ni biashara jameni, how are these guys supposed to recover from the losses in this senseless purge?

Hukuona Kibao inatengenezewa Bango na ARVs??? KEBS stamps wamefake. I sipped a tot of Best imenunuliwa kwa wines & spirits mtaani only to see it in the list of poisons. Case in point, kuna malocal mob sana around, wamezitoa hizo spirits kwa counter sasa ni barley pekee. This is the only way to streamline the industry. Kill them all and keep moving.

my own brother had a wine and spirit in kayole corner,he was running it together na car wash at umoja,he thought of employing some one for the wine and spirit ,one day he was called at there was anti counterfeit officers, he was a specialist of udv products,imagine the guys carried over 3/4 of the stocks…and for sure there were counterfeits.

Swali Ni moja tu, who compensates guys who have had legit liqour destroyed?

Insurance companies.

Wines & spirits zifungwe zote. GoK ilicense only few bars per estate which will operate as per rules only. This is not a drinking nation.

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Middle class warped thinking. 70% of nairobi residents do not live in estates as you know them, they live in informal unplanned settlements


Should they be allowed to drink poisons because they are not in the ‘middle class’? Why don’t they do coke as much as they drink poisons yet they live in unplanned settlements?

If you can’t afford standard quality alcohol, quit drinking. Pombe sio chakula ati ukikosa utakufa.


How many bars do you think they should licence per informal settlement and who will police whether they are operating as per the rules timewise and productwise. Come up with real solutions bwana wacha hizi simplistic thinking solutions kama za wamama. Do you know how difficult it is to police an informal settlement


if i was the nacada boy,i would put a limit of pubs per country…possibly by number of schools around the said area

The problem is not bars. It is the product. You will find that those who sell the poiaon drinks are bars that dont even have liqour licences. So, no matter how much you limit the licensed retail outlets the illegal outlets mushroom all over. It is production that we should be targeting. Even if you finish bars who tells you people will not gather under a tree and drink as long as there is availability of the drink. I think the drinks produced are just too much. First step would be to require all alcohol sellers to prominently display a list of all licenced alcoholic drinks in thw country. Next is to enhance fines and jail times for anyone found selling an unlicensed drink. Third ia to seriously vet and licence distributors such that retailers can only buy from known and licenced distributors, therefore if you are found with fake/unlicensed drinks then your supplier is known. Today anyone with a van/probox can distribute alcohol anywhere and any brand he chooses. Fourth and most important is to audit and vet manufacturers. Their factories should be required to be prominently branded and billboards listing/showing what they produce conspicuously put up at their gates and fences just like the big companys do