kuuliza si ujinga....was muliro the beginning of the end?

After much awaited meeting, rao decided to skip the meeting, teargas canister was thrown towards VIP Dias, khalwale and opranya Youth clashed, is there any possibility that today marked the begining of the end for cord…???

I keep on saying, I wish Ababu was the western

Sadness of life!

Kindly delete those pictures you can communicate without using the pictures…

Lakini mbona watu huwa wajinga kiasi hiki ??? Literally fighting for “mtu wetu”. Result is killing another folk jembe fighting for mtu wake. That mtu wetu akishashinda kura the only legacy he leaves you wth ni corruption and a sadder country where life is more tough. Sijui politics hufanyia akili za watu nini ?? sijawahi elewa.


The pictures are an integral part of the story.


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Why didn’t baba attend? He failed the cord team


Yes, all of you are…