kuuliza si ujinga....long term Environmental impact of geothermal projects

i had a chance of visiting ol-karia geothermal plant over the weekend and i could not stop wondering what we are not being told…

think of a balloon which is filled with water,then punch a small hole on one side is of the balloon,with time,as water is lost thro that hole,the other sides of the balloon will start showing different effects…think of that balloon being our precious world…

far from that,there is some strong smell of acid in that area which is at the heart of our national park…
is that acid OK with environment???
is there any risk of earthquake around this area???

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Are you 8-4-4?

Geography should be a compulsory subject, no? The earth, not world, can’t be equated to a balloon. It’s reserves are replenished periodically, water will fill up the wells, steam will be generated. That smell is sulphur.

umesha wahi sikia kitu kinaitwa water cycle?

samehea jamaa. effects ya nyama ya funda


Hapo ndio mahali SEE,CRE na HomeScience zilikufikisha…“…punch a small hole …”:mad:o_O

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there is something called a re-injection well: this is basically a non productive well with really low pressure tht is nt viable for energy production, this type of well usually produces more brine (water) than steam and since power generation uses only steam, such wells are considered as dead wells…
What happens, a pipe is inserted into these wells upto the geothermal aquifer and a high power pump is then fitted. All the geothermal fluid/ brine is then pumped/ re-injected back into the aquifer and the hot rock bed vaporises the fluid revitalizing the resorvoir
currently, Oserian power plant: orpower n Kengen adhere to this thts why its called green energy: as for the hydrogen sulphide causing the shit like smell…cld write paragraphs on it bt lts just say it’s my tht hrmful…


There are areas where geothermal wells have increased the incidences of earthquakes because the earth below is now not stable and I think a place in australia where the earth sinks year in year out

Wapi picha za olkaria?

have increased the incidence of earthquakes…or
have increased incidents of earthquakes

That’s why I pity those fellas who were saying they were taught how to use a vernier caliper but have no use for that knowledge. Well, you never know but one time it might come in handy.

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The rest I get but what is this ending?

asante mwalimu

karibu, my pleasure…

lets just say it might not be that harmful

u mean earthquakes wont be that harmful…???

and whats the possibility of volcanic eruption???

From my geography class. Water is pumped into the deep trenches of the earth with hot larva ->water becomes stream-> rises very fast to the surface with enough pressure to turn turbines.
What’s the panic?

meant the hydrogen sulfide gas:… where do earthquakes come in???
…nwy, m nt going 2 call u stupid lts just say ur nt vry bright!!

jamaa amekula punda sana msamehe