Kuuliza Maswali Mingi

I once asked a ‘Prophet’ Owuor follower why they so much hate sinners and never socialize with the others yet Jesus himself visited sinners in Zacchaeus, was friends with otherwise very sinful sapiens then, including a woman whose anatomy was being explored by very many ninjas in exchange with shekels.

The guy beat about the bush and began threatening me with ‘Hell fire and brimstone’.Well, I told him that he should not threaten me with a fire that he did not light and the ninja told me that the fire belongs to his father and he was sure his father would burn me to the bone.

Hapo mimi nikasullender. His father must be a very mean old man!

Owuor followers are guys whose brains have been replaced with a funny software.

The ‘mighty prophet’ told his kondoo that sir God calls him lord. Tafakari hayo.

Don’t all religious fanatics including some on this forum do that?

@admin safaricom wamekulipa hela ngapi na hiyo video yao?. Inabore.

Boss hamia cm browser huko u see what you want. Adblocker Yao Moto Sana