Kutomba Malaya Wa Peni Mbili - Help Me Understand......

You are a man with all his faculties right.

Let’s say you were brought up well. You were taught the basics of hygiene, and you know about the ABCs of personal health.

You are well-educated, up to say college or university level. You love yourself and your family. You even occasionally go to church. People in your neibahood think you are a responsible young man with a bright future.

Let’s say you are all this and more. So, tell me this like I am six year old:

How in God’s good earth do you go to a cheap Riva Rori brothel and get into a room which has been used by all manner of scum - chokoras, manambas, watu wa mikokoteni, random thugs, addicts - and ferk a 200-bob whore? Yaani on the same unwashed bedsheets?

And the whore you are ferking? She has been accommodating the dicks of low-lifes the whole day. Yaani wewe ni namba 109 kwa hiyo siku, na namba 23,467 in her life. Na ile make-up she wearing na wig zinanuka kama Dandora dumpsite. How now?

Kwanza hapo kwa unwashed bedsheets, ngai! Unajipenda kweli? Unajidhamini, yaani do you value yourself?

Halafu unakuja hapa kutuambia vile malaya alikuwa m-wet kumbe ulikuwa ukiteleza kwa sperms za chokora iko na HIV (sijataja mtu). Na pengine unalamba hiyo kuma pia - kaka, nikuulize tena, unajidhamini? Unajipenda kweli?

Si afadhali tu uende urinal you start licking it clean? Yaani u-slurp all that yellow stuff mimi huona kwa choo hazijaoshwa?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai bana! It’s one thing to pick up a gal of easy virtue, enjoy a drink in a cool place, refreshen and then book a decent room somewhere the sheets are clean. But hizi brothels ziko na kunguni, used condoms under the bed na sheets zilioshwa last week na malaya wa 150/= seriously? Wazazi wako walikulea ufike hapo? Ile hope yote tulikuwa nayo hapo ndipo umeona ikufikishe? Tuliuza ng’mbe na mbuzi so that you can bring us all manner of STDs and STIs nyumbani?

Niulize tena, unajipenda? Unajidhamini?

Please, vijana, tuwe serious, sawa?

Hapo @uwesmake ametukanwa

Good point but strange coming from the self anointed dirty tits master. I think beddings pose a lesser risk than rubbing your body and grinding your pubic area repeatedly on a woman that has had countless sexual encounters.

You sound like a married woman from the PCEA woman’s Guild.
Get in the real world.

You should know by now that men go to brothels for the Risk factor.
It’s a masculine thing that only men understand.
Haujakosa nyap nyumbani, hatutaki kupata ukimwi na at the same time Nature dictates that you sample all and as many pussies as you can get.

We are just Mammals at the end of the day!

They actually brag about the escapades as if they were achievements or some developmental milestone.

Unauliza wanaume wanajiita boychild?

Hii yote ulijulia wapi guka?

many might not Understand but you are damn right

Wacha zako. How many women from the Guild do you know?

[SIZE=2](A little under the beyot but you started it…)[/SIZE]

Uwesmake sio kijana. Mtu ana kipara kama ya Kibaki na kitambi kubwa kama Matiang’i

Si mimi husoma tuu hapa…

Hakuna Malaya wa “peni mbili”. Malaya ni Malaya. The same whores wa Ksh 150, ndio huenda Dolce na Alchemist. They should be avoided altogether sio wa peni mbili pekee. A man has to be very stupid to consciously fuck a whore.

Never thought you would stoop this low for a man of your status but nothing surprises me anymore.
Abit sad though!..

Sori. Actually, I’ll delete. Am a bit ashamed. Please accept my apology. Nindahitia…

Inategemea starvation pia guka. Some men risk their pricks going senile were it not the said houses.

same coin. same coin.

You must be a very interesting reader.

Kuna ingine niliona ati sex rollette. Just like with the gun, you have sex with a group of people na mmoja ako na HIV. The thrill is in not knowing whether umefuck wa HIV.

Acha watu wafirane kabisa wakufe… One way of culling the population

Uliona wapi?..