Kutolewa Nyama kwa mdomo

Dude had already gotten used to the good life

[SIZE=6]Drama as man strips naked to protest wife’s removal as MCA [/SIZE]

There was drama outside the Nairobi County Assembly yesterday after a man stripped down to his inner wear when he got wind that his wife’s rival was to be sworn in as a Member of County Assemby (MCA).

The man, identified as Job Oduor, caused a scene outside the Nairobi County Assembly entrance after a tip off that Perpetua Mponjiwa was set to be sworn in to take the position of his wife, Eve Malenya, as ODM Party’s nominated MCA.

“You cannot remove my wife from her position. I want my wife back in her position,” the man was heard shouting as he tried to access the Assembly.

The dramatic scene led to a traffic snarl up in the city centre as motorists stopped to watch the drama.

It took the intervention of Mathare North MCA Jared Okode alias Defao to plead with Mr Oduor to put his clothes back on.

Ms Malenya was de-registered from the IEBC nomination list last year following a successful court case by Ms Mponjiwa.

Consequently, the Assembly stopped paying a salary to Ms Malenya as well as halting her medical cover.

She had protested her degazettement and sought court orders to stop the swearing-in of Ms Mponjiwa.

She argued that she was the right person for nomination as MCA, asking the court to suspend the April 5, 2019 gazette notice on Ms Mponjiwa’s swearing-in.

Ms Malenya argued that Ms Mponjiwa ran as an independent candidate in the 2017 General Election and was therefore ineligible to be nominated or elected.

While also disputing the ruling, the electoral agency and the ODM party filed for a review of the court’s decision in July last year.

As a result, Ms Mponjiwa has never taken oath of office as nominated MCA or received a salary as Ward representative.


In certain ways, being an Mca nowadays seems to be more lucrative than being an M.P. especially after Elechi moved from Parliament to city hall.

M.P Malala built his mansion as an MCA whereas there are M.Ps who still live in rental arpartments. Ama labda ni kukosa kujipanga/kuiba kwa umakini.

Primitive African Politics
Now compare and contrast to politics of say China where @mbakuthesupreme had put a thread about yesterday

Should we tell him that after wife yake kutombwa mpaka mkia kuna nyama fresh inatombwa saa hii ama tumwache apambane na hali yake?

That is the dreaded head of the Men in Black. Very sad that he cannot use his links to the party too brass to intervene and advice.

It also shows that these goons are just useful during election time after that hawana maana. Such a case you take up at Orange house and court cases are filled and orders granted maintaining status quo untill case is heard and determined.

Sifuna and Oduor Ongwen seem to be useless fellows.

In 2017 we had about 20 young lads in our clan running for the MCA seat in our area. Sema family feuds…it made me think there must be so much money to be ‘eaten’ and I know I am not wrong. This is why they impeach governors when they don’t get to chew anything.

Guys sukumeni BBI ndani mtaona moshi ile inacome post 2022.

Jajuok job oduor ameona pesa inaenda tu hivyo akaona wacha katambe

Serves him right.