Kutafuta Wife using a different game

Men can be this “creative”
[SIZE=3]Jackson Onunga who advertised for a wife in a viral poster gets over 800 calls.

“800 people called me but only 12 appeared to be serious and committed. Pauline came to me from Kisumu, having seen my story in the paper. She was overqualified! She is young, humble and soft-spoken, and genuinely cares for me,” Onunga told the Nairobian.



hehe.i found this amusing

“purely a girl”

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Huyu ni fisi. Lazima akue amesave the other 11 numbers, just in case…




He is not the first Kenyan, Remember that mzee from naivasha, who was also riddled with allegations of being a senior car jacker. he got wife via such an advert

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Fai Amario. The weird thing, his son was also involved in ‘vetting’ the potential brides.


During his burial they played his favorite song as per his wishes, Frank Sinatra’s ‘My way’


VACCANCY ndo nini?

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Also famous for Amarios sherry. “Drink Amarios sherry and learn why birds fly…”


And this Amario guy…was he also a writer? Coz eons ago I read some story about this guy called something like kamiti maximum block D. Where they were selling lady parts and the lab process just gave me a boner… [SIZE=1]but I was young so pardon me. [/SIZE][SIZE=3] [/SIZE][SIZE=4]But I don know or maybe it was another guy from another planet.[/SIZE]

Now this is the proper approach to marriage.
Watu wa ku fall in love ketini ––-------------------------------------->>>>>

I want them to play Celine Dion’ s ‘am alive’ at my funeral to signify I live on.

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A positive response rate of 1.5%, and out of those 12, a catch rate of 8.33% (if you compare to the total number of callers, 0.125%)

Not bad. Not bad.


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@Mzee mzima ona


Wewe ukikufa tunakuchoma na tunasahau io story

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I don’t bother with barking dogs, I look for the owner.

Nakumbuka vile ulikam na hii handle the first time ukijichocha how you will deal with me adi ulikua unaleta madhangu kwa mix. Sai wewe ndo umesare, nlikusho bado uko ndogo, huntoboi. Because umetii, nimekuacha sasa, next cheza kwa ligi yako, meffi

800 enquiries… ningewaita wote interview and one of the interviews would be to spend a night with me to see how they are in bed.