Kushare Bibi a.k.a Cuckolding

Last evening after a long day ya hustle decided to meet up with a few acquaintances pale Gecko for a few sips & catch up then a guy akaleta story vile he’s been MGTOW ever since ajue khupipi yake was being chewed on the low when he was away for work on long distances he had evidence but alikawia sana bila kumtoka though they had a kid which he verified was his.
So the guy knew along though alisema hakutaka kutoka mapema ‘sababu ya mtoto’ but admitted it he was dumb & weak then, anyway that aside story ya this landwhale Millicent Omanga ikaingia about how she has 2 husbands and the guys know about each other.
I’ve heard this before nikadhani ni siasa mbaya but this time the guy telling us about it is from Eldoret and has seen her with no.2 . The guy also runs her businesses between Nrb & Eldoret(huku naskia kila mtu anajua). Ndo nikajiuliza kwani wanaume wamekuwa bwege aje siku hizi, @Eng’iti how can a Kisii man, a distinguished doctor be done like this publicly, ukuliwe bibi on the regular na DP alaf atafute jamaa ya tatu a shiney eye hasora imfikishe threshold na awe business manager. The mama is moneyed I get it, mama miradi but hata kama ni kuomoka banae @ChifuMbitika





Very cool post. I am a content creator for Opera news and I was wondering if it’d be okay to feature this post in an article I’m doing about fictional events that people have fabricated in order to gain some internet clout.

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Umeffi thread from a gay talker

Some Niggas enjoy this from their girls. Happens if you get a girl who loves dick!


The feminist movement has dealt a big blow to men

Man kuna watu kama @Slimmy200 wanafikiria hii story ya Omanga ni uwongo they need to have a reality check, saa hii wanawake wengi wakipata pesa alafu uongeze power on top hakuna mwanaume ataambia yeye kitu hata awe daktari na heshima yote. I saw even Alai had exposed this mama kitambo last year na naskia it’s an open secret in Eldoret.