kurudisha mahari

So the other day a talker asked for advice on payment of dowry.
Now I know the same can also be returned. So how is it done and what circumstances lead to this?
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And everyone else conversant with this issue
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NB. This is purely for discussion purposes no one is leaving anyone


i can tell but juu hunitambui acha hao ume quote wakwambie


If you’re getting divorced, i can hook you up with a good divorce lawyer. :smiley:


Ulipatikana ukigawia @Mzee mijinga slices?


Mahari tings and their return are only discussed by old wise men seated on three legged stools imbibing the traditional brew in our culture.:smiley:

It’s sacrilegious to engage with women in this discussion. :wink:


Ni kama Mr. D ameshoka

Jus murder yr hubby like most shining eyes females do


My pal was married to an insecure,violent psycho. Walirudisha mahari ,it is a process involving wazees n aunties in her case…then divorce petitions started.


three old men would come early in the morning to demand a refund,
infidelity sana sana ndio husababisha hii maneno.

Fixed. I apologise

Know i understand why guys suspect you are @kawambui:wink:

What if its the wife is the one fed up with her husband?

Behave like Mrs Omosh beste wa … then letea bwana wasupu mabeste huku ukiwapa mvinyo, husband ataomba divorce


kuna mtu alitaka kurudisha yangu but bado hajafanya hivyo.
kama angekuwa amefanya hivo ningekwambia vile kulienda.


Pesa ikishapeanwa ni ngumu sana kurudi. Very few people if any, can return bride price.

Okay people. Calm down. Am not being left and am not leaving anyone [SIZE=1]okay I am considering ditching my sponsee mzee mzima ako na fishy behaviour.
[SIZE=4]What prompted me to ask this question is a story I was told yesterday. A lady eloped ( okay the hubby paid dowry but her Dad had asked that theythey wed )and after she bore the first baby her husband began to misbehave. She was unemployed . The man would leave them without food , go away for even a week . He would also assault her and eventually started bring other women home. He later rented another house and moved in with another woman but occasionally sleep at the firsy home. The lady’s mum was dead and she couldn’t approach her dad on the matter because she had eloped. One dad the lady’s dad visited and the house help decide enough is enough akaambia baba ya dame kila kitu.
The dad was very angry and askedcthe daughter what she wanted lady said she was fed up and ready to leave. So the dad called the husband’s dad and asked him to visit with his son , when they visited the lady’s dad gave back the dowry in cash and asked them to leave. The lady went back to school got a job went to Australia for her PhD and come back to collect her son, at this point ( which is 10 years later) the guy came to apologise and asked to have his family back but hakuna MTU alikua anataka hio story


IT goes like this the bride price can and is returned on the following conditions:
if the bride or wife to be dies before marriage
if the bride changes her mind before marriage
so if you had stayed together for a while no refund is available since no one can estimate the actual cost of length of stay


in such a case no refund coz the work you did while were together nobody paid you

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woi woi osungu RIP

in such situation the ladys dad was furious with the husband and since he wanted him to keep off his home he had to do that so that the guy could forget about the lady and will never say mali yake ilikuliwa kwa hiyo mboma na wakachukua mtoto wao

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