Kurudiana na ex

There are many desperate reasons to why men get their ex back
: If their sex was good
:she is doing well for herself and you’re broke.

Dating is exhausting for some people especially men. Sadly, most guys out there have a “grass is greener” mentality until one fateful breakup. And then they want that girl back because they realised how much work is put into getting another girlfriend. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking is never good for long term relationships, so it’s best you keep walking.

Mrs. waweru aka @KaBuda ,did you have to open a new handle ?.

huezi tu kaa solo?

Many reasons you say…but you went back coz she was balling more bobs than than you,right?
Mpe suruali ujifunge lesso…n chakula chake kisiungue

You are never lonely if there is vaseline around. Repeat that 10X and you will be the happiest man on earth

Jina yangu siyo Mandazi jinga hii…

KTalk siku hizi is as entertaining as a visit to the Dentist’s.
And when people sacrifice their time and effort to share their experiences they are met with abuse and insults.

Siku za KList the admin had to limit the number of posts to three a day each because people were so keen to share.
KTalk even the bravest thick skin contributors are soon ground down by the negativity na utoto.

By the way, …Fuck you @Chiefkiumbe !..

I bumped into one of my ex-girlfriends in town. A shadow of her former self. I mean she is doing okay financially, but she is nowhere close to what she looked like a few years ago. Sagging boobs, weight, acne etc. To be honest, I think women depreciate faster than men…much faster. Even if I didn’t know her, I certainly wouldn’t date her now.

haongei poa because i think your mum is also on that category ya depreciation . These women dress to impress men like you but time catches up with them because of motherhood. Oa kwanza na uwachane na single moms ndio utarealize somethings . But for now endelea ku hop from one hole to another

Huyu ni Atwoli.

Mrs waweru kwani uko periods ndio unacatch hivo ?

Vile ex girlfriend yako anaambia mabeste zake…
" I bumped into him in town. A shadow of his former self. I mean he is doing well financially,but he is nowhere close to what he looked like a few years ago. Thinning hair almost kipara, wrinkles when he smiles,kautambi etc… To be honest,I think men grow darker, shorter and more boring faster than women.
If I didn’t know him, I definitely wouldn’t date him now. "

Aging happens to all of us.
I think for the most part, people get back with their ex partners for reasons that go deeper than looks.

I bumped into mine, well not me but my friends and cousins. Everyone says the same thing -she looks sick and uncomfortable. She doesn’t even work anymore, she lost her job and can’t seem to hold down another.

You can walk whole world and realise your X is the one for you. What to do?? Though in Greek we say 'Of return is what finishes someone’.

Niaje Tumbo minyoo?..
Usijali payday haiko mbali.
I prefer talking to you mwisho ya mwezi ukiwa na joto ya tupesa Kwa mfuko.
You are more approachable.
I’m sure Malaya wa modern green will agree.

Wa mucoka niguo uriaga mundu!..

Whoever said that knew what they were talking about.

niaje Nguruu

Poa Sana Uwes. Nowadays I am slim :D:D

He loves pigs…with extra fat. He go have nightmares tonight

And who told you sijaoa, Mr. Know It All???

:D:D:D hii sweep yote kwa mtu mmoja tu?