Kurogwa is real

Be aware of underground parking lot #BridgetAchieng Bahati juja DP RUTO Kiambaa

Ferrk pit latrines. I hate those things. If I’m the president I will shut down all pit latrines and install sewer systems

What did pit latrines do to you? Or are you from Kibera or is it Kibra or that place where people toss fecal matter everywhere?

Seems you own a quite a number …fuuck I hate those things

Kwani ulikuliwa bibi kwa pit latrine?

ni kukosa akili kwako kulifanya busaa yako isive, choo haikuwa na makosa

Squatting is the natural and intended form of defecating

Why are you going against your ancestor’s customs for the white man’s invention

They used to do it in the Bush… open air, depositing fertilizer for plants… later you guys started digging pit latrines… guess what? unafikiri maji ya borehole hutoka wapi ? Why is it that when you want to dig a borehole you are told to make sure there is no pit latrine in 20meters . Pit latrines end up collapsing and they are dangerous . This car was swallowed by a pit latrine. Try imagine if there was someone in the car?

Makosa ni ya nani

I was rescued from a pit latrine that collapsed . Tafuta hiyo hekaya utaipata

It was swallowed by a sink hole.

This happened in Mumbai, and it was not a pit latrine

Bill Gates has the same problem with pit latrines in 3rd world countries that he helped to invent a waterless toilet that converts shiit into ash.

And the water where did it come from

Wow. I hope there was no one inside the car.

Leta link

You are very resourceful

Dont be lazy

Swallowed by the Earth | Daily Mail Online

WATCH: Terrifying video of car swallowed by a sinkhole in Mumbai goes viral - Esquire Middle East (esquireme.com)

Methinks same thing too.