Kura Za Wa-Kalenjin (Debunking the myth)

Hivi, hizi milions of votes zenye wakalenjin hu-claim wako nazo, where are they?
Tuanze: (source: https://www.iebc.or.ke/docs/Registered Voters Per County For 2017 General Elections.pdf ):
Elgeiyo Marakwet total registered voters:
Nandi total registered voters: 180,664.
Kericho total registered voters:346,007.
Uasin-Gishu/Eldoret total registered voters:450,055. (And remember, Eldoret is a city, of which at least a quarter are non-kalenjin).
Baringo total registered voters: 232,258.
West pokot total registered voters: 180,232.
Nakuru - wape half: 474,809 (half of 949,618 is 474,809).
Grand Total: 1,864,025.
Plus, Kalenjins don’t have a Diaspora to speak of – as in, there are very few Kalenjins out of their homeland. very few in nairobi, mombasa, kisumu e.t.c. Still, tuwape 200,000 diaspora
Total: 2,064,025.
So hii statement naskianga, ati 4 million kalenjin votes, where does it come from?
To put it into perspective, let’s take kamba votes:
Machakos: 620,254.
Kitui: 474,512.
Makueni: 423,310.
Total: 1,518,076.
Plus Nairobi 20%: 450,170. (so that is 20% of 2,250,853). [Remember, ukambani is adjacent to nairobi).
Plus Mombasa 15%: 87,033 (so that is 15% of 580,223).
Grand total: 2,055,279.
Therefore, Ruto’s chances, without server help, are very dim.
But to be fair, he has also managed to cultivate a multi-ethnic consistuency of people who love him [and others who loathe him] deeply.

from lamu to fafi ,lockichar to mumias,kacheliba to makwa,lagdera to kisumu etc,tumeamua kitu moja liwe liwalo

maliza hao kabisa. Hiyo ghasia @sani

Nashinda nikiambia hawa mafaga hawaskii. Kenyans always vote based on their tribes. If all Kales and Okuyus decide to vote for Ruto, he still wont make it.

Mumeamua wewe na nani? Wewe na mamako.?

@Kicharo I don’t understand what kind of desperation or lack of self respect can make one work as a BBI keyboard consultant.
Its a shame a village elder like you is paid 530 bob to talk bad about William Ruto.
Many kenyans are going through hell, including William Ruto and your relatives and Mwangi Kiunjuri, because of BBI which is out to auction our country.
When Uhuru and Raila are being judged by history as perpetrators, you @Kicharo and @Kodiaga will be judged as accessory’s and conspirators.
Be careful

Last time walisaidiwa na IEBC. Nowonder Uhuru does not care about home-grown rebellion

Spin doctors entertainment :smiley:
Spind doctor on the 1, the dj all the djs want to be when they grow the ferq up
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

In 2022, every major tribe will have a candidate. Some tribes will even have two. It will be very entertaining. Pesa ya campaign nayo? Itakuwa tamu kama meat of rabbit.


Now will Ruto really make kenya a better place? I have never understood what the nigger stands for. He always gets good chances to sell himself during media interviews (like the ones he used to do with hussein mohammed). But he instead opts to bloviate, almost beating up the interviewers! I don’t know, maybe he is what kenya needs, but we have no way of knowing unless he explains himself to the people. And that doesn’t mean recounting oh, ati sijui power connections, kilometers of tarmac, 100% transition etc. All those are important things, but Kenyans want to know what he can do at a revolutionary level (that is, to revolutionalize stuff). Otherwise we get the idea that under Ruto, it will be more of the same…

tribes having candidates doesn’t have much of an effect. kenyans have become very sophisticated. that is why, in spite of karua and petter kenneth offering themselves in 2013, kikuyus still ‘voted’ for uhuru to a man. or where you had someone like kaluyu in 2017, but kambas still voted for the raila-kalonzo ticket. or where the turkanas had ekuru, but they still mostly voted for the raila ticket.

Maji chafu huzima moto. Tutamtumia kung’oa Uhuru kwa power, from there tutajua what next. Saa ii agenda si eti vile tutatoka kwa shimo. Agenda ni kuacha kuendelea kuchimba.

somehow, simpletons at the local level have managed to convince themselves that the kikuyu-kalenjin vote is enough to make you win. they don’t consider the server factor. you will be surprised to hear someone saying that uhuruto won 2013 and 2017 fair and square. unashindwa kwani kichwa ni kabati ya meno or something?

You’ll be surprised that even the most intelligent fellas actually believe that 2013 and 2017 it was clean

Iko mtu hata amedai 2007 was clean.


Point of correction. Speak for yourself.

aiii, isn’t that stretching it a bit?

I don’t see what Ruto will contribute as president that he couldn’t as DP. If it is wrecking the economy Ruto has done more than his fair share. I am yet to understand how his chicken farm, his grabbed hotel and all other investments can enable him to be contributing Kshs. 5million every month, sometimes even 15 Million,in harrambees. The man is a thief. Unless you are his relative, you would not have the shamelessness to tell us one thief is better than the other. It is sickening.