KURA DG sex scandal

Kenyans on Twitter have exposed KURA DG Mistress who influences Tenders and has been having an affair with the KURA DG who is under the heavy spotlight for trying to extend his term illegally. A Viral Tweet by Lawyer Ahmednasir ignited the debate that has been trending on Twitter for two days now as Kenyans turn the heat on DCI and EACC, demanding immediate action on the scandals.

“Trouble is brewing at Kenya Urban Roads Authority headquarters over key decision making in the procurement department. Judy Mose, a junior clerical officer believed to be the Director General’s mistress, is said to be bitter after a recent roads tender in which she had a direct interest was awarded to a different contractor despite the fact that the Director-General had assured her of the tender. “Reads part of the article that carried the expose “

A source within KURA has confirmed that trouble started late last year when the authority floated tender number KURA/RMLF/CE/056/2020-2021 for the Periodic Maintenance of Lot 7 Roads Nanyuki/Sweet Waters Road /Ngoro/ Theru/ Nanyuki Road in Nanyuki Municipalityworth KShs 14.2 million. The tender was awarded to a contractor by the name Kaboi Building Contractors Ltd on October 12, 2020, to the chagrin of Judy, a married woman, who immediately stormed the Director-General Engineer Silas Kinoti’s office to protest. “She was overheard swearing aloud that she will teach Engineer Mwangi a lesson,” our mole at KURA told this reporter.

Mwangi is the Acting Director, Urban Roads Planning and Design, who apparently is not happy with Judy’s shenanigans in the multibillion roads agency whose mandate is defined in the Kenya Roads Act, 2007 as management, development, rehabilitation and maintenance of national urban trunk roads. Mwangi is said to be the voice of reason in the agency insisting that public procurement laws must be followed to the letter, a fact that has earned him enemies from within and without KURA.” The article adds.

Just to demonstrate how Judy has grown iron horns in the agency that is headquartered in Barabara Plaza near Jomo Kenyatta International Airport off Airport South Road, she recently had an altercation with the senior engineer over a parking slot for her brand new car, a Toyota Fortuner KCZ 117Y, which she keeps boasting to her friends that she bought it on cash basis from a show room along Mombasa Road. However, the senior engineer could not budge. He refused to remove his car, and Judy reported him to DG Kinoti for disciplinary action to be preferred against him.

The engineers have now ganged up and are awaiting the outcome of the disciplinary process before mounting a go-slow, which is likely to expose the agency’s dark procurement and financial crimes. Perhaps one of the other reasons why Judy is law unto herself in KURA is the fact that she is the younger sister of Reuben Mayienda, KURA’s Director for Corporate Services who also doubles as the agency’s Head of Finance. Talk of nepotism is at its loudest. In fact, word has it that Judy’s academic papers are fake and it is her brother who helped secure her employment. “Even the DG is aware that her papers are fake.

The diploma which she used to secure employment in KURA as a junior clerical officer is from River Road. She then used it to enroll for a degree programme at the University of Nairobi but took off and never completed when a confidant told her that the university had discovered that her papers are fake,” our source claimed adding that even her national ID was changed to reflect her fake names because her family name is Mayienda yet she has registered her Safaricom mobile number as Judy Mose

wapi picha ya Judy ?

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Kwa nini watu hawajui kucheza chini? Mimi nikapewa kazi through nepotism ama niparticipate in “talking” to govt officials naweza lie lower than an envelope mkose kujua niko hapo.

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