Kuquit DryFry

Hakuna haja uwache dry fry it is the best…Mimi I am allergic to condoms so what I did was prevention in 3 simple steps kuepuka luwere…

  1. Endea vaccine ya HPV na Hepatitis B
  2. Wachana na lanye Katia regular ghelz akiingia box peleka yeye full STDs test ukipata Ako clean DFHKMBLBHNKM…ukipata ako na any STIs fukuza yeye mbio,hapana mbembeleza punda kwenye mteremko…there are many fish in the sea
  3. Badala ya kutumia PEP which is taken after and is (81% effective) with very many side effects after switch to PreP which is taken before (99.9% effective) but daily with is obviously safer

punguza tamaa ya ngono

Sasa utagongwa na nduthi ukufe.

@admin unasumbua.

He is in the league of this adult entertainer called Byron Long

Out of the 19 lanyes I have had from dating apps this year, 16 were dry fry. Shit is great. CDs nimeachia Atwoli.

Mi nakulanga raw

You are misleading other naive talkers. Raw sex with random hoes is not worth the risk.

The adrenaline and dopamine pumping is uncompared just try it

Contract Chlamydia or Gonnorhea (the most common STIs in Nairobi women) and you’ll spend between 2500 and 7000 for the doctor visit and medication, and hopefully it’ll go away with one treatment but theres a chance you’ll have to do two or more rounds with other medications. And the whole time you’ll be in pain all over, your dick will be on fire, and when you pee it’ll be extremely painful the piss will come out in a star-squirt rather than a single stream.

Contract Herpes and you have a life sentence where clusters of pus filled pimples will repeatedly form on your dick, your face and other parts of your body. There is no cure so that will be happening all the time, especially when you are under stress or some change in climate (like visit coast and you’ll get a herpes outbreak on your face or dick).

Contract HIV and your life as you knew it is over. You can never fuck another girl roho safi because you know you are lying to her and endangering her life. Also you will be taking ARVs for the rest of your life suffering all the symptoms like nausea and even mental confusion. Also this country has had multiple ARV shortages in the past and so have no guarantee that the govKE dispensary you go to will have your drugs available.

If you go through one of the treatable STDs or you have a HIV scare then your own survival instinct might make you think twice about DFHKMBLBHNKM everytime, and especially with street whores. if after all that you must, then find a whore who says she swallows and just enjoy rawBJs, a nut is a nut is a nut.

Dating app Gani ulipata wengi?

Choices have consequences, peace of life is better than a few minutes of pleasure, condom iwekwe mpangoni na hakuna allergy ya cd or mara ukivaa CD dick ina fall down, acha ku wank fala mang’aa

Na si ni wewe ilikuwa unaandika bible verses juzi. Cognitive dissonance.


Dry fry is like film noir. The protagonist loses most of the time

Usitishwe bro. Dry fry is normal and natural. CD is what is abnormal and unnatural

@admin pin this thread tuone hii nongwe kama itakuwa na the same energy 5 years from now…SMH!!!

Labda tumesalimiana mara kadhaa

Badoo, Jaumo, Sweetmeet na tagged

At 22 lanyes lazima ukue umeokota ka STI moja ni vile iko tu assymptomatic

The stigma against those with luwere but strangely some of those with it outlasted one of the Longombas.