Kupigwa ngeta...

Insecurities… kupigwa nyongolo mchana imeanza kuwa kitu ya kawaida.


Ngeta si poa…kwanza ile wanaweka mbao kwa forearm as reinforcement ndio nyongolo ishike poa.

Kuna time fulani kitambo vijana walipiga msee nyongolo chap chap kama 30 seconds…yaani in a blink of an eye walikuwa washapora msee wame dissapear…vijana kama wako kwa ile picha yenu ya sijui fuer na tokens…bana huyo victim mdomo yote ilikuwa wazi ulimi yote ilikuwa imetoka nje macho imekodolewa na veins mwenda kwa shingo na forehead na kutetemeka…jama alienda kuenda kimchezo tu. Na kulikuwa foreigners wengi hapo probably tourists…i wonder how they felt.

Nilikatsika niaje…ndio nilikuwa nimeingia tu from ‘abroad’ ati im glad to be back in the 2 5 4…nilitamani kurudi nilikotoka. Damn what a welcome home.

Haija fika apa kuna place mob nairobi najua hauwezi fanya i upuzi in broad daylight ama labda nimekaa mayuu sana

Mdau huko sio Kenya.

Huko na ka inchi kanaitwa Guyana. The incident happened in February and the video helped in the arrest of the criminals.

[SIZE=6]CCTV footage helps cops nab two ‘choke and rob’ bandits[/SIZE]
Feb 10, 2022 News

Kaieteur News – With the aid of “clean footage” from surveillance cameras, police were able to positively identify and later arrest two ‘choke and rob’ bandits around 22:00Hrs on Tuesday.


The suspects being transported to the police station moments after their arrest.

Surveillance cameras captured the men working in sync to rob a 33-year-old businessman of Foulis, East Coast Demerara (ECD) earlier that day on Croal Street, Georgetown of a mere $700 and a cell phone worth $48,000.

The detained suspects, according to police, are two men – a 21-year-old and a 25-year-old – who were arrested at a house on David Street, Kitty, Georgetown.

Based on footage obtained, it appeared as though the men were trailing their victim and had planned to rob him.

As the businessman walked along the pavement, one of the suspects attacked him from opposite directions – one came from behind and the other approached from the front.


A screengrab from the footage of the robbery.

The one who was walking behind picked up the pace and suddenly choked the unsuspecting businessman. Even as the bandit wrestled his victim to the ground, the other ran up to them and began searching the victim’s pockets taking whatever he found. The bandits then made good their escape on foot.
The footage of the robbery was handed over to police and was uploaded to various social media platforms. According to police, the footage was of good quality and it did help them to identify the robbers.
After locating their whereabouts, police ranks were dispatched to arrest the men.

https://newsroom.gy/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/robbery-suspects-750x430.jpgRobbery accused Chris Pollard (left) and the other suspect
[SIZE=7]Suspects in Croal St. ‘choke and rob’ incident arrested[/SIZE]
https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/9a33118fe2ee82965460efd40ebe0b65?s=26&d=blank&r=gBy [B]Editor[/B] On Feb 9, 2022 Last updated Feb 9, 2022

Police have arrested two suspects within 24 hours of the brazen Croal Street, Georgetown, robbery which occurred on Tuesday.

CCTV cameras captured the moment when a 33-year-old businessman was attacked, robbed, and left unconscious by the two suspects.

The News Room understands the suspects are known characters to the police. One of the suspects has been identified as Chris Pollard, a robbery accused.

The businessman from Foulis, East Coast Demerara, was robbed of his cell phone valued $48,000 and $700 in cash.

Police Headquarters reported that one of the suspects, a 25-year-old, was arrested at about 22:00hrs on Tuesday at Tucville, Georgetown, and the other suspect, a 21-year-old, was found with the businessman’s phone at David Street at about 01:00hrs on Wednesday.

Footage shows when the businessman, who was walking on Croal Street, was attacked from behind by the 21-year-old who choked him, while the 25-year-old took the items from his pocket.

Both suspects escaped on foot.
They are presently in custody and charges will be laid shortly.

It’s what is happening in Kenya…ma boys wana njaa


Ukiwai jipata Uptown on a sunday when there are very few people jichunge. Utapigwa ngeta na hakuna msee atakusaidia. One this i noted is most criminals will scan around to the left right before they attack. I always try to watch body language of people. Nikiona unaangalia around suspiciously nakaa rada ama nabadiiisha side ya kutembelea

Compare hio na hii niliwitness.

5 guys approached the victim from behind. At the very least the guy had clocked 50 years…his hair and goatee were just greying.

The nyongolo guy obviously remained behind the victim. 2 guys 1 on the victims right side the other on the left. Guy number 4 directly infront of victim face to face. Number 5 behind number 4 but like a lookout facing away from the crew and victims.

The nyongolo guy who was tall akaweka jamaa choke.

The guy on the right aka sweep miguu za victim away from the nyongolo guy so victim was hanging by the neck kwa fore arm ya tall nyongolo guy.

Guy number 4 directly infront of victim is punching victim kwa tummy na ribs.

Now guy number 2 and 3 on either side of the victim kila mtu both hands going through victims pockets.

Guy number 5 behind number 4 just staring at passers by menacingly.

Bana hakuna mtu alisonga karibu kama 3 4 minutes after the thugs had dissapeared.

Jamaa alidedi tu hivyo. I think he had a condition. Was very sad. It was 7.30 am on a monday.

The woman in the video is an accomplice. Notice how she looks around, almost acting as a signal.

Simu gani hii?

Stop copying me

Hakuwa na any condition. Know where the carotid artery is? Well, obstructing it for more than 5 seconds is disastrous… And they effectively do this with the mbao kwa mkono reinforcement. Your brain oxygen supply is interrupted.

Lazima ufanyiwe kila kitu? Details zote uko nazo hapo …




Guyanese people are a mixture of Indian and African races who were slaves and labourers :


They have very beautiful girls.[/SIZE]




Nitaenda Ethiopia.

Kumbe hata si Kenya.

Design mimi hutembea in public especially kanairo hawaniezi. Huwa na cross streets frequently and stopping in the disguise of waiting for someone, while I’m actually scanning the environment. If someone is trailing me nitajua tu.

The most famous Guyanese person is :


Her mother is Guyanese :