Kupatana na sister in law kona mbaya.

Elders naona imeungua.
Juzi on Saturday nimepeleka nyama yangu nakuru kwa hoteli nikamumunye polepole. It was an whole night encounter and since I had an early morning plan we had to wake up early. As we were at the restaurant 6.30am for a cup of tea we meet my younger sister in law is the one serving us breakfast ati ako attachment hiyo hoteli. As is the common practice with all big hotels, she already had printed details of all the guests in the hotel so I can’t pretend hatukulala na huyo dame. So now my biggest worry is what will happen when she finally tells her sister.

Two options.

Ruka futi kumi or rushia yeye kitu kubwa yenye unaona inatoshana na worth ya sister yake


Assume things never happened. Akisnitch sema it was a business meeting.

Business meeting gani hiyo wanashare rooms?? :D:D

My advice, if hii sio hekaya from your fertile imagination, act like nothing happened. Men cheat all the time and their wives don’t leave, so usifikirie bibi yako akijua ndoa imeisha. Your wife already knows that leaving you just because you cheated with some b#tch is stupid because even her next husband will cheat. Trying to “bribe” your sister in law is stupid because it is an admission of guilt, and it shows that you are a p#ssy she can exploit financially.

Also, your sister in law may be reluctant to tell your sister because it will hurt her feelings, or if they are not close, she risks being misinterpreted and labeled as jealous. So, pia yeye akiambia sister yake she is taking a big risk juu unaweza ruka story and isemekane anaharibu ndoa yako especially if they are not close.

Just don’t get blowjobs from your wife for the next six months asiume transformer :D:D

We had to book a room ndo tuweke vitu vetu. We could not got to the conference hall with our bags.

Most hotels have a luggage section. You DON’T need to book a room.

Katia huyo siz in law ugule hiyo gitu pia

When you get caught cheating, admit nothing, deny everything, make counter accusations.

Ruka Ruka , akisema pia wewe sema small sis alikukatia ukakataa . Choma Kila kitu.

He specializes in such stories

:D:D:Danza kutafuta bedsitter ama kamua yeye

If she was a waitress, labda hana access ya rooming list unless aombe one of her workmates kwa frontdesk

Fanya ule sista-in-law ile kitu pia
Nyama ni nyama

Aki snitch sema sio uwongo lakini pia yy ali itisha kijiti uka kataa !ata sema ni uwongo lakini there will always be a lingering doubt , don’t go down alone !!

Hapa scorched earth policy haifai. No need burning your sister in law. Just deny everything and plead ignorance to what wife anasema. Mwanaume you live to fight another day.

Hapana bwana. Your sister in law sii mtu wa kuchoma fwaa. Anaweza kuokolea siku fulani. Suppose uchome yeye leo kesho iwe turn ya wife to mess around na ajue hawezi kuchanua.

venye @cortedivoire atasema

Why is your sister in law throwing such malicious accusations against you?