kuoshwa mecho... wtf are teenage girls wacthing thes days

:D:D:Dvery awkward family gathering


WAP means wet azz puthy… what do you expect.

girl put it on at dinner time inlaws wakiwa:D:D:D

I offer wifi and internet extension services and when most of this teenage girls give you there phones for the password, you will be amazed by the amount of porn they watch

Kwani nani bado ako na TV kwa seating room siku hizi?.. :D:D:D hiyo kitu ficha kabisa kwa ma bedroom ama designated media/study room…

if you want to know how desperate ,low democrats have fallen juzi hii malaya ilikuwa kwa live video call na Bidden interviewing him about his ‘great policies’

That beat goes hard tho

Yeah they’re watching alot of porn bana na wanataka ku experiment. Nowonder they like bigger guys(25-40) as opposed to their agemates coz hiyo age group ndio iko featured kwa porn sana.

99.78% of the people that have TVs. Hizi standards mnatoa wapi ?

Indeed these videos are meant for sex our teenagers ndo watupe puthy mapema mapema

Ile siku utaacha kuishi studio ama bedsitter utaelewa tuu… That extra guest bedroom that never receives any guests 99.7% of the time inajipata imepata matumizi… Especially with the modern chaos of everybody staring at their phone screens … Entertainment has become personal in homes and sharing is only happening online…