Kuosha Mecho na Mlami


Ala! Ivi ndo Celine Dion anaka Siku izi. Ata kama ni the mighty wall ii nayo apana.


Wacha pia mimi niweke kolekshen,feed your eyes on this gem you blady wankers:D:D:D:D

Eish ANYWHO, provided it FANS your FLAMES

@uwesmake bado atanyandua na ampatie mia tano

Eish. …hii si ni ugonjwa. Waah

Return of the living dead

I feel bad for Celine Dion. She has a unique and memorable voice but she clearly has an eating disorder or some illness. God help her whatever it is.


Nadai onlyfans ya hii mali

Mahindi ni ma ngui

Kama atanipee Green Card niko in. USA lazima tufike by fire by force

The lady might be fighting against cancer and you are here talking about imaginary wall.Grow up saitan

Bora inapumua

siwezi mind kudara hizo ribs kama rabble strips

Rudi ukatombwe mos mos bila kusumbua chieth ya tumbili…unaona wapi cancer hapo makende ii.



Ogopa crack cocaine aisee …


US is not as good as it’s drawn out to be for Africans. Was there for four years na nilikuwa naona wakenya who were leaving relatively comfortable loves huku Kenya wakiteseka huko. Sometimes, more often than not, home is best