Kuongelesha Wasichana

Guys, how do you start a conversation with a beautiful woman. I want to start laying 8’s 9’s and 10’s without them necessarily being lanyes but I have no idea how to go about it. Mtu anaanzanga aje bila kukaa fisi/simp?

Today’s woman is a complicated mixture of yet to be identified components…walk up to them and say exactly what is it that you want

If you are not funny moneyed or cared itakuwa ngumu kidogo.Getting contacts is easy getting replied in realtime is supported by cars, wits and money. Now find a reasonable 7.5 and tell her how much you adore her,insert as many compliments about her ,things that most people won’t note say her brows,lashes the tenderness of her fingers … try as much not to look hungry,do not be too available,keep doing your thing and make it sound as interesting as possible. Invite them into your simple life, exta ordinarily.

One thing I’ve learned in this life, usiwahi jidharau


Mutu ya theory tulia ghasia, hiyo ngamia inauliza tips za how to walk up to them

lanyes - non lanyes same difference, just talk to them the same way you talk to lanyes in those filthy brothels - bottom line they both want your money

Kumbaff…Sasa anataka tips na clearly ni pússy he simply wants…save him the agony of wasting…money,time and likely better pussy

8s,9s and 10s are premium ass, so you better be tall or 5’8-6’5, be above 26yrs old, be good-looking, be RICH and at least don’t be lame, choose two. If you need to start approaching girls that means you don’t have any of those qualities na hapo hutoboi. Start working on yourself kwanza before ufikirie mambo ya warembo. Hao hutawezana bro.

Do not hide your sexual agenda

Hii maisha ni ngumu…

Hapa probability ya ikus inakaa 1:100

Your penis is small

Tell them ,"niaje msupa?nataka ikusde"and there you go

Can confirm, tried it and now I’m swimming in 10/10 ikus

Leta mbisha ya crush nilete bei. Usispend More than that

Kuna lanyes 8’s, 9’s & 10’s? :smiley: wachana na hio bangi kabisa. Alafu how do you consider lanyes being a lay? That is a purchase kijana, an exchange of money for services.

:Dtodays women hate long stories,tell her nataka kukumanga,you will be surprised kuulizwa utawezana

If he is rich, he doesn’t have to be anything else. Rich + looks + height + age kwani anataka kuact Telenovela? Hio ni overkill. Pesa pekee natosha

If you are an ordinary guy like me, na umeboeka kukula ugali daily, I suggest:

Step 1: Wacha kuogopa kukaa fisi. It is absolutely normal kukuwa fisi. Her opinion doesn’t matter. Weka aibu kando.

Step 2: Accept a lower hit rate. It’s just how it works man. As the babes get hotter the rejection rate will increase. If you had a 20% hit rate with plain Janes, you will have a 5% or lower hit rate with the cream. That means you have to accept 19 rejections to get one. Unless you are not an average Joe.

Ever wondered why makangas bang many hot girls?? Because they are immune to rejection and meet many hot women every day. For every one hot girl, they may have experienced like 20 rejections but they don’t mind.

There is no way of getting 10s without accepting a significantly lower hit rate.