Kuoa Malaya

While in campus me and my crew went out for serious Saturday drinking. At the start we had a few shillings which kept diminishing. As the money dwindled so did the club quality. Starting from Bettie’s, we ended up at Rico. We dispersed at 3:00am. The next morning, while hungover from the previous night I thought I saw a familiar face: a woman with husband in tow and two kids. Only the night before she was selling wares at Rico.

Purple niko na swali yako hapa, so I hope you’ll give an honest answer.

How would you feel if you found out that your dear husband Mr Purple has sampled hookers before? Na utafanya nini if you make such a discovery?

@pseudonym , @Mrs Shosho , and other pink handles are also invited to give their views.

Kuna poko nilitomba dry fry SJ, the next thing I knew ni kuwa aliolewa huko ubaluhyani

at first how do u fuck a poko dry fry and second I suspect you are the one who married her

Mzae am ever on PrEP

This thing is true…I have encountered one kunguru and she told me ana kuwaga active kwa choir ya church yao.

mi uamini mwanamke ni mwanamke. and I (its just my opinion) sijawahi amini hii story ya hiv/aids. the goalposts keep on being shifted too often, to the point that it looks slimmy.

Hii PrEP, does it prevent herpes

Okay, but what if you found out that he has done it in the past? However unlikely coz now you know him, what about the 0.5% chance that he has done it… Ungehandle aje such a scenario and how would you feel about the information?

:smiley: morality made of steel. good boy huh?

When you get here,with time you will learn some things are on a ’ need to know basis’ and that’s definitely a ‘no need to know basis.’

But, my stand remains, I support prostitution. Rather them than these gold digging wimmens.

it was highlighted here and in the media before there are married women whoring themselves in these brothels in town. Mzee anajua khupipi ameenda job town kumbe ako hapo Rico anapanulia wanaume wengine kuma. sad!

Hehe, siamini hiyo forgiveness part… But isorait

Hehe, kwani iko slay queen alisafisha bank account ya @Meria Mata

Awesome! Congratulations are in order.
I raise my glass to you and your hubby.
Cheers girl.

he will change, utakuja kulia tu hapa how he can’t let a skirt pass. There are phases of a man’s life which you can’t ignore, if he wasn’t a cockerel in his teens and twenties, he will be a cockerel in his later years, sa hiyo amekuoa… he will be sampling everywhere to compensate for what he missed during his youth. Kwanza kama akivaa pete madem wote watamuangukia, he will be attracting women effortlessly, and trust me, he will fuck em all.

:D:D:D:D wueeh. I have to protect what belongs to my children. Iko nini?

That’s a minor, HIV ndo ishu

Ety Herpes ni minor? Kitu haina tibu ni minor? Kwanza every few months ma boils kwa mdomo na kwingine, kila mtu ajuange umekuwa ukimumunya kitu chafu.

Ni minor kwangu

Iko ivi. If she opens up about her past and nione kabisa she is fully focused na marriage why not?