Kuoa Malaya

Kkuoa malaya sio vigumu. You can easily end up marrying one. Sometimes when I go to brothels, I look at the girls and some of them look so decent. If you met them off-work (and you don’t know what they do), you’d think they are just normal chics. so unamkatia. kidogo kidogo, anakuwa dem wako. kidogo kidogo, anakuwa wife. ukikutana na wasee ukiwa na yeye, unaona wana-smile sheepishly.
Back in the day, i worked at a cafe near the magongo night brothel. So the gals used to hang around the cafe a lot, especially while run from cops. so in their discussions, you’d hear them saying ati nanii or nanii got married. And in your heart, as a man, you are pittying the poor fellow who married a poko.
And i also noticed that 90% of the chics who started out as pokos dropped off at some point. (only 10% become lifelong whores). this means that the rest eventually became ‘normal’ women, who were then married by some unwitting blokes.
Of course, some guys (especially the chokosh pimp types) marry pokos knowing that they are pokos. But others do so without knowing who they are cuffing.
So guys, remember, the wife you see could have done some commercial at some point in her life.

Funny story, though sad and true.

Wamejaa kwa makanisa masquerading as choir members. Thats why I don’t like church ghels they are whores in sheep skin.

Sadness of life…

Many get married as second wives to older men. Especially zile ndume 1st wife ako ushago

Most women get into prostitution to feed their kids. Therefore, by eliminating any woman with a kid, you improve your odds greatly. There is no foolproof way of eliminating, but if you filter based on kids and age (avoid anything above 25), you will likely get a good one mwenye hajauza kuma. Ukiongeza masomo kiasi to Uni or College, the risk reduces even more. What I am driving at is simple. If unatafuta wife, tafuta mtu below 25, amesoma na hana watoto.

Easzy peazy. Ukitaka kujua chances she could be a vendor? Score 2 on each of these:
Single motherhood?
Takes beer? (Yes, beer specifically)
Self proclaimed no-marriage-career-woman type?
10= over 90% specificity
8= over 70-90% specificty
6= over 50-70% specificity
4 and below= ngumu kujua.

People are not trees or rocks, they can change and even trees grow and change

My bro found out that he was dating a lanye through Facebook, bro kitambo alikua mpenda lanye so alikua amejua wengi . From Nairobi to Mombasa. Friends Wa dem yake Kwa Facebook 99% aliwajua ju walikua lanye amepitia. Dem normal hawezi kua mabeste Na lanye wote hii Kenya

Kujua dem kama ni Lanye ni ngumu. Maybe hajawahi enda brothel. Kuna category moja ya hawa “mama fua” kazi Yao Ni kuoshea bachelor nyumba na pia ulanye, hawa utapatana na wao uoe na hutajua

Background check ni muhimu.

How does someone marry a bitch he met in a bar?

Kuna bedsitters opposite our place imejaa college na campus guys ile maneno hua inendelea huko kwanzia Friday thru the weekend…I sometimes ask myself na Kuna mtu atapelelka mahari kwa akina hao madame. I think ukiamua kusettle don’t go digging the only sure guarantee ni kama uli marry a virgin

Kila shimo huchimbwa na watu. Wanaweza kuwa wanagawa but we are talking about prostitutes here, not sluts. Prostitute ni mtu anauza kuma kulipa bills. Kila dame hupitia that slut phase especially in college juu lazima wanaume wasample kuma fresh, but haimaanishi ni malaya juu hawako biashara.

True. Very few ladies survive college life without afew random creampies

To get a good wife marry those ugly hardworking ladies

Most women do not care to do algorithms for that. Girls will shamelessly get hots for a guy with a mile-long line of girls behind him. But the more the number of guys on a girls resume, the lower guys rank her.

Does this mean you promote Kawasaki?

Not all potential suitors should be assumed to have engaged in prostitution. However I believe that a good number ladies have definitely engaged in sexual escapades to get what they want - which is not necessarily limited to money. Those who sleep to the top of the corporate ladder in work places, campus girls who fuck around to get many other minor favors here and there. Are these malayas too?

Hehehe … women are slutty. why do you think they spend a lot of time minding how they look? the first thing to look for is the level of IQ. if your woman is a 8 or a 10 but you often tell yourself that she is dumb or ignorant, she is likely has been dishing it out for small favours. slutty women often not the sharpest tool in the shed. and those street crows often change completely after finding someone with good income so you wont know.
the problem is not what you even marry. you can marry a virgin but you will share her with other people for a very loooong time, which is very likely because inexperienced women think their first boyfriend is bad, and will go out there looking for the replacement only to realize its more or less the same or that they actually will have to humble themselves and accept lesser men than the first one as years go by and one realizes their true worth.
Its almost impossible for a girl that leaves or ignores you not to want to come back later. The younger the girl, the fresher she is, the more likely the trouble. Find your balance. And if you think too much about women you will die a painful death!