Rejection is real … :D:D



:D:D:D:D:Dghaseeer inarushia mmama mateke Ile ya size8 kwa Ile ngoma ya mateke akinyimwa ikuss

Ukinyimwa, nunua…

A Juvenile solution …

An Elder would initiate some serious , romantic negotiations … :D:D

Sexual frustration is very real …


In most males , it triggers a high aggression response that often ends very badly … :D:D

KUMA na MATITI zake ni mali ya bwana. Kama hataki kupatia bwana mzigo, piga yeye na umfukuze, hana umuhimu

I am very sure @TrumanCapote will shortly have a very stiff rejoinder for You … :D:D

What else can you expect from a chimpanzee like @Ndindu he can’t even turn on a chicken so here he is using threats to get sex?

This is why I will never be caught dead under a chimpanzees roof in the name of marriage, my breasts and vagina and all women’s vagina and boobs belong to the person who carries them if they belonged to @Ndindu they would be on his monkey ass but bcz the monkey thinks that a woman is his personal property after marriage or whatever obviously from a background of lanyes, how else do you expect such a baboon to think.

I don’t know how a sane man can pride himself on forcing his wife or whoever to have sex with him.

Tumia akili Mr. Monkey ass @Ndindu, are you such a lousy ferk that you can not seduce your woman to have sex with you, you have to invoke your so called conjugal rights?

And you have no shame telling us how lousy you are in bed. The same woman you are using threats to extort sex from is happily giving it to bosses and colleagues and exes who know how to work her up sexually. Emotionally and psychologically not just physical.

My fren look for the kamasutra for better sex life not threatening people to have sex with you. A woman should want to have sex with you as her husband and infact at times initiate the sex. But if you do not even know where a clitoris is how can you be helped.

Well said , there …
Any rebuttals from @Ndindu …??? :D:D



Never, ever beg for sex. There are many women who can satisfy your needs.


Wah amepigwa rejoinder kali you were right he had it coming lol poor @Ndindu