Kununua Gari

KBY, YoM 2006, 1500cc, mileage: app. 98km. Reason for selling: I have no time to use it. Price: negotiable.
Condition: excellent.

Do these kits come with the vehicle you buy or are they acquired separately from the car manufacturers via their website?

sad but true…vitz 1.3 inweza kua 850-900k local market.

Nope those ones are sold by the manufacturer’s to their approved service centers or dealers sio rahisi kupata

Name of the app?

check out this website www.verified.co.ke, also there was an sms no. 5456 I think, there is an app by a private developer nimeshau name but will get back

it’s called M-verified

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Ebu tuelimisha. Explain to me like a ten year old how I can use that method to beat kra taxation

Explain to me how the mileage is 98km and the vehicle is 2006 model. The car is approximately 9 years old…so on average it did 11km annually ama naona vitu zangu?

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Probably meant 98k km.

It is 98000 km

sema bei there are many NZE’s so holding on to this info haisaidii. The fact that you say iys negotiable is a plus for you. otherwise gari kama mercs ndio mtu hubana bei coz buyers are specific

niambie nani bei? Who is interested

bandika hapa like 850K negotiable. for Toyota bei ndio itakupatia soko not the car itself.

Weka bei tuko wengi, kwani unauza ukificha kama bangi?


great! sasa wacha watu wajichoche. hio bei si mbaya to start with

Niko na Ractis kcc 1500 cc 2008. Genuine mileage from Japan 36 k. I want 720 k. Unused locally silver color.
This I’m sure I will sell before end of day kesho.

Car is in Nairobi.

So, your point is what? Unless you’re gloating.

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Nat aka offer