Kunukisha kitunguu opportunity.

If you can get these books at a price lower than bookshop, please contact me. They are needed at UON by Med students and r compulsory. More than 700 students.

  1. Kimani’s Manual (should be lower than 2000/=)
  2. Janqueira, Carneiro
  3. Histology : Wheaters Functional Histology

Kwanza hii Kimani’s manual hatuwezi ingia lab bila the physical book. 2K is steep.

@Luther12 uko na copy?

Uliza @dagitari

why don’t you use photocopies?

Because Kimani is the head lecturer and lecturers enforce this rule. Kwanza kuna wenye wanataka latest edition. Book, not pdf, not photocopy.

2000 * 700 = 1,400,000

Hiyo pesa si mbaya


lecturer anapumzika na 1.4 M Thank Goodness comp science all the resources needed were online

Huku ndio nakuja next year thru interfaculty. Hii course hapana. All Lecturers have books that they want bought and the cheapest is 2K. Kwanza kuna fulani inaitwa Etler’s ya 15K!

ai!! Kwani haziko Library???

what about the student reps, faculty reps, how about raising such issues with them?

No wonder the guys are always on strike since wamekamuliwa proper before they make it to the jobs.Lakini hii ni thuggery of the highest degree kwani what has Kimani invented that was not in the other books that are used globally ama Kenya kuna ugonjwa zingine peculiar that only him understands ?
Na munauliza kwanini tuko na Dkt Mugo.
Kenya is a true definition of a man eat man society. Take what you can don’t mind the others attitude.

hiyo kitabu ya kimani naona inauzwa pale textbook centre 800bob!

Books which are on demand can only be borrowed for the night. Kimani’s manual is used during classes thus cannot be borrowed for classes. Students rep ain’t anything and the deans are akina Kimani and Mungai(Mungai’s dissector manual) who won’t help the situation.

is the book I have posted the same ama ni ingine?

Kimani’s manual is quite good according to 2nd year students by the way. The alternative is akina Roth and Atlers which cost 15K plus.

The lab part and him having people selling a 600 page book at 2K is the bone of the contention. And it is mandatory.

Wow Matiang’i should know about this ASAP. He has always been against this practice. I suggest you comrades join hands and put an end to this conflict of interest aka impunity. 1.4million in forced book sales per year?!

No, it is not. Kimani has many books apparently.

Your book as a lecturer should not be in the primary readings to allow students engage with other schools of thought other than yours. Nakumbuka in undergrad Dr. Ondiek would have hia book as a must read, “Ondiek is a must read if you want ro pass this course” and sure enough in the exam the first compulsory question started “Ondiek et al contend that brah brah brah. Respond (30 marks”

My experience, back in the day, was that some bookshops out there e.g. TBC along Kijabe Street had lower prices than the UoN bookshop. At a time when the latter was selling Goodman & Gillman’s Pharmacology at 18,000/=, the former was selling it (same edition, new) at 5,000/=.

My point? Look beyond UoN.

Siri moja: For your interfaculty transfer to be allowed (at least in UoN), you must’ve passed thecexams if wherever you’re coming from. Even then, it’s not automatic.

There’s one year they denied all coz over 50% wanted to leave Med.