Kunona kama nguruwe kwa plantation

It is for very good reasons that some wives would even use their own money to feed their husbands sausages and bacon for breakfast, rice and potatoes for lunch and ugali kubwa na nyama for dinner. She is surreptitiously trying to lower your testosterone levels while racking up the oestrogen. One of my cousins who married a year ago saa hii ako na manboobs and is very fat. He no longer finds the boy stuff we used to do interesting. His wife has categorically warned him to be wary of our company tusimuharibu.


listening to these people mta masturbate to old age :green_emoji: :green_emoji: domesticate puthy, build each other. have bounderies. enda gym, know your eating limits. stop listening to fools who turn everything into conspiracy


and then there is this.

marriage is rigged in favour of women.


Not applicable hapa kenya.


okay fwata umati… :green_emoji: :green_emoji:remember, crowds are usually led by fools. the human experience is personalized. a woman cheats based on the relationship you have. so balnket shaming all of them is a kin to calling your mother a whoring bottom feeder, out to destroy your fathers life

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Kwani msee aki Nona hajioni?


all marriages are rigged in favour of women. ALL.

sawa… ingia team ya @MajorProphet if women are not an option

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so just because i say all marriages are rigged in favour of women i am s’possed to be a faggot? with that kind of logic, no wonder your wife wants you to fail :green_emoji: :green_emoji:

wewe ndio utaingia juu ya vile bibi inakukazia pongi as a means of behavioral control :green_emoji: :green_emoji:

:green_emoji: we are actually very happy, she drains my balls, works, and we have shared investments… find yourself the right girl stop buying into extremist thought pattermns

the right girl ni oxymoron kama halal pork.

shared investment? with a woman?
lol_idi_amin (2022_01_12 09_34_18 UTC)


shida yenu ni basing everything on sexual relations and thoughts of females stealing your coins…


iti willi pi lout, iti willi pi noisy andi iti willi pi messy

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Hehe, vile umeambiwa na @slevyn

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By the way huyu msee alifungwa for prostitution ama ilikuwa tuu kelele za D- kama kawaida.