Kunona after marriage

Since i married nimeongeza 15kgs.now 80kgs
Na vile i purposely miss lunch everyday



missing a meal to lose weight is the worst thing you can ever do. this is why, whenever you starve , your body gets in a catabolic state, I.e, your body starts converting your muscle into fat. you start missing meals, and your weight on the scale goes down, but your body fat % sky rockets.
take your time and read on how to maintain your body on anabolic state.

Hio ni ya wazungu…huku Afrika stress leaves you thin

Buda, different people react differently to stress… Everyone copes differently, some drink themselves to death while others eat everything on sight…

The thing about Africa is that we associate food/eating with happiness… That’s not always the case… Even mourning people at burials are fed

Now you are talking

Taabu ilianza na hapa!

So tuseme hao Turkana wamekonda wako na a high body fat % ama?..

The thing is, whenever your body senses hunger, it automatically starts storing fat, in anticipation of hunger, that’s why most desserts animals have humps.
As for Turkanas, I’m not sure .

Ironically wanasemanga msee asipotoa katambi after kuoa allegedly wife hajamueka poa.

Hutombani vyakutosha!!

The problem is that your applying one biilogical aspect to different species…

Jaribu spicy foods. Zi huongeza metabolism ya mwili na zinafanya ufeel umeshiba hautadishi sana

Trust me, most turkanas dont have humps…

Sasa Turkanas wakona humps?

I didn’t say Turkana have humps, my thing is, hump are used to store fat.
In humans, your body senses you are starving, and immediately start converting muscle into fat. Are we clear

My friend, if you want to be thin make drinking water your friend. Utakonda hadi bibi akushuku. Proven btw.

@Kahuni Maisha anaongea points from the book ni venye villagers wengi walisomea kwa dirisha za shule
Although the body will not have more fat as a result just reduced fat around the skin which is unhealthy,That is how you have anorexic folk,and other folks whose body do not have ability to store fat
But the OP might not be suffering:D:D due to intermittent fasting,but due to other associated things like amount of calories and other drugs if therein.

or the OP’s wife humwekea ARV kwa chakula

If u are to skip a meal it should be supper.