Kunguru's Confession

Ant has been away this weekend and when he travels I never go out on my own, I just don’t feel that comfortable.
But the kids were with their Gran this weekend, and I was just going crazy hanging around the house.

Decided to walk up to th elocal, I knew the rugby was on and I thought ther would be a festive vibe.
Tturns out not so much.

I was feeling very conspicuous on my own adn by the tim ehalftime came around I’d already had too much to drink.

Long story short I think I may have cheated a little.

Ant has always said he wouldn’t mind as long as there was no emotional connection (which there defintely was’t) and that it was purely physical.

This absolutely beautiful boy offered to buy me a drink, I wouldn’t normally even have excepted but the queue at the barwas so long so I just though why not?

Next thing he’s sitting next to me and flirting like crazy. I was so flattered 'cos he was a least 20 years younger than me and I don’t dress up or anything. He had such kissable lips and really broad shoulders which totally does it for me.

Anyway, I’m drunk nad rabling, So I’ll get to the point he was confident, but nervous at the same time if that makes sense, and I was just wanting hime to make his move to see what would happend, but he never really tried , then we had an awkward lull foor a bit and focussed on the TV - next think I saw him reach for his keys and I knew he was about to leave.

And then I did something I’ve neverdone. I literally put my hand on his crotch and said ‘do you really want to leave ?’

I won’t go into the details but we fooled around with hands under the table, and I was so turned on I really wanted to take him home.

But even though in theory Ant would be cool with it, and he doesn’t mind when I chat with guys on this site. This was the first actually physical contact I’ve had with someone lese in 6 years.

So I’m still drunk, I’m still horny, and a feeling more guilty than I would have expected to.

Guess I’m just posting so that I don’t lose my nerve and try to hide it from Ant.

I’m sure he’ll be fine with it. But I just don’t know why I feel so conflicted. (BTW things are great 'tween Ant and I so I don’t think it has some deeper psychological meaning. I’m just surprised.

And horny. Did I say that already ? I that guy was here with me now, I don’t think I would be able to resist.(thankfuly he was with friend and had to leave with them.

I’m not a bad person, right ? Anyone had a similar experience ? Maybe I’m just making to much of it.

Disclaimer: This is cut and paste work.

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I see nothing gay about it unless you are gay yourself.

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wtf did i read

Hii ni takata gani?
I read the line 1 and 2 sijaelewa na sisomi tena!
Write in your mother tongue

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:D:D:D:D:D, thou will be held accountable for everything you post, hata copy and paste.


ata mimi… two lines n i was done

Isn’t Kunguru an untamed girl? How is then a He?

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Mimi mniite mkidecide kama ant ni thigiriri ama ni ant man ama ni auntie



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Ant man was a dope movie.


Huyo kunguru inaka ali post hiyo confession kama bado amelewa, that is the context in which I read it.

Mimi nime-elewa vizuri kwa vile mimi pia nimelewa.

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Post zingine ni @bure tu!

Hii ata si kunguru ni umeffi

i love this, God bless your brains


Lakini antman was an epic fail

That shit confused me tooo