Kungurus have inconsistent thoughts i.e cognitive dissonance. Nimeona hiyo clip attached. Let me explain. The kungurus in the video expect to get married to a man who is superior to them in all aspects i.e more loaded, better educated, alpha etc. At the same time he should clean, cook, do laundry etc after providing like 90% of the living expenses in that house. Women are delusional :D. The type of men they are describing would never agree to share anything more than 50% of the expenses in that house i.e they would have to be at their level or lower. My point is, the kungurus in that video are describing a unicorn. They have conflicting criteria when selecting a husband and still wonder why they are still whoring in their 30s. The alpha who earns 7 figures, with perfect looks+charisma, and the man who shares house chores with her equally are not the same person. The average feminazi brain would never understand this.

Women do house chores for a reason. Because they contribute a significantly smaller portion of the living expenses in a household. That’s generally how marriages work. Ancestors were not stupid when they assigned gender roles. Gender roles are a culmination of many years of human evolution. Men hunt, women cook, everyone stays happy. They are the reason why relationships work i.e shared responsibilities. Unaweza imagine mechanic aende ainue gearbox na engine blocks garage the whole day halafu akifika home ajipikie??

Wacha niweke like kabla Kapondi atume thesis.

Kuna moja hapo who’s a divorcee

Hii Maraya, we ignored her eons ago. no one can contain her BS in here,ni wewe peke yako

Nahurumia wanawake.

sasa an educated man, who has money, then again she wants to control him, women never think logically

Hata wewe ukuangalia hawo madame wanakaa aje?

As men, many of us come naturally equipped with the ability to tolerate and even thrive in a messy and filthy environment. If push comes to shove, we can tactfully allow the house to deteriorate into a festering sh*thole while maintaining our stress levels relatively low. After just a week or two of seeing the dishes dirty, floors dusty, coakroaches all over, the woman will break and quickly mobilize, organize and focus on cleaning the house. We can play the waiting game too with ruthless effectiveness.

They look bitchy, nagging and whorish. Only a mad man can wife them, hawa ni pump and dump after a week.

Ata week ni mob. You can’t tolerate that nonsense for 7 days ata kama unapewa kwa ceiling.

Or you can just cut the finances. If she fails to do her role, a smart man atanyonga tu pesa and then wait and see what happens.

Very wise analysis. Kudos.

Yes, but women have their own money these days.

Any woman who is not bi will want an affiliation to a man no matter how much money she has.Any woman who grew up in a family setting and knows the value of family will always want to have a man figure around them.
Hawa vinyangarrika wa hii talk show have never been married.Infact one of them is a divorcee,the rest are from single mother homes.You cant expect anything wise to come out of their mouths.

Women still marry “up” these days. So what’s your point…

Your argument only makes sense if women not only earned money, but also married men at their level of financial progress or lower. We all know that never happens. Women don’t marry their equals.

These are just trolls on live tv …hawa watu ukiwa mkora wanakufulia hadi boxer tena wakuogeshe tena wakupe mkia… hata @TrumanCapote ni kujifanya tu hapa bado hajapata love conman

Watadanganya wale wameolewa halafu wajaribu hio ujinga wapate bwana ameleta mwingine.

hakuna shida,watu wadescribe but slices walete as they wait

Dem hajawai kuja kwako weekend mukule mukunywe na aangalie viombo chafu uone vile unajam after kumtomba

Jackie Matubia is a product of a failed marriage while Kush Tracey is a product of a failed relationship…am not surprised at what they are saying