A girl who used to ignore me back then is trying to convince me she loved me all along. This is after men have treated her like shit and she has a kid now.

Hu huu…

First, assess how hot she is. Kama amechapa, m-bluetick na umblock juu atakuwa anakupotezea tu time. Kama ni 9+, ongeza mileage for one month. Make sure hujameet mtoto, na if possible asikuje kwako. After one month, dump her in spectacular fashion and move on. Mission accomplished. Let her trick another fool into raising her son.

Hio screenshot ni yako juu Kuna some small photo hapo?

Tuma chats za after the last one…vile unabembeleza yeye ukimwita beb siwezi shangaa ukikubali kuwa the father of her bastardd son. Tuma chats ama hii thread ikuwe umeffi

The reward for these kinds of mbeehefiaz is your future daughters becoming singo mathaz themselves… And you turning and tossing gnashing your teeth at what could be becoming of their pursuits for love and companionship… Hehehehe
Kama hutaki wacha akae na mama yake… That bitch karma is real baba…
All my buddies, who used to be playaz like a nonsense back in the day walizaa wasichana tupu, one by one… Siku hizi wamekunja mikia like shiet… Paranoid even… Hehehe

Any fallout from this ruse will entirely be your fault. Mbona ujiweke box jameni?

Bruh, I don’t believe in karma so spare me the bullshit. If you think people will be kind to you just because you don’t hurt others, you are mistaken. It is like expecting a lion to spare you because you are a vegan. Don’t be stupid. This world is not your grandmother’s compound my friend.

Most relationships with single mothers are usually insincere (financially motivated). If you expect to behave rationally when dealing with irrational individuals and winning, it is no surprise you will always lose.
Only a verified fool like you would walk into a dishonest relationship like the one OP posted and play fairly. There is being humane and being stupid. You sir, are stupid.

You are a very bitter young man. Mileage kuongeza inakusaidia na nini if u are not interested in the bitch? U are the fools who think ati dem atakua mtaro juu umemdinya…fools. Mtoto anapitia hio shimo na inarudi back to square 1. Kama manzi hakubambi achana na yeye, hio time unamdinya fanya vitu za maana.

Why then get entangled with single mothers? Si u just avoid them? Whats the point ya kupea mtu hopes za relationship yet unataka tu kukula na kutupa? Grow some balls n tell her upfront akae akijua

Kuongeza mileage ni personal satisfaction onli. Nothing more. Hiyo kelele ya sijui kukuwa mtaro ni your thoughts, not mine. So, the rest of your comment is useless because it is based on something I haven’t said, but you imagined. Uache kufikiria vitu zako na kusema ni zangu kubaff.

She intended to use you for money, emotional support etc. I believe it is a fair trade-off if you use her and dump her. She wasn’t going to spare you anyway. It is like conning a conman.

Unafikiria kuma iko na odometer ama? I was once like u, banging pusy for the sake of banging…until nkaanza kuokota nuksi ovyoovyo…u seem to be still in a stage where sex is still a big deal to u

Kosa kakitu utajua financially motivated no nini

The easiest way to bang such a woman with no strings attached is to act uninterested. Just say ‘No, sitaki’ uone vile atakutafuta.

My policy is simple. If a single mother doesn’t know that you are married, then ajaribu kukuingiza box umuoe, it is only fair I pump and dump her. After all, she is looking for a man to exploit. She isn’t innocent either.

Yeah,coz you used to hang around beta males who used to use you to buy them alcohol and after you black out they used to nyandua your third rate women while you are blacked out.Did you know that hanging around Beta males actually make you an Omega male?Been playing since my early 20’s.Got married,now having 3 kids,all my boys,DNA proven.Baby mamas pia wako,with both boys and girls.Peleka your primitive beliefs to your fellow slum ridden sewer rats.

Mjamaa, looking at the texts, the moment you mwaga ndani umeisha… She’ll trap your ass… And the messages show she’s not even bothered about anything else other than herself… Me this me that

Nimemuita beib juu nadai kupewa slices. Ni mali safi

Ni mali safi