At 19 ikona watoto wawili na ati inatafuta a serious man to take care of those bastards SMH

she is obviously not 19. mid twenties but still disgusting

Maybe Ali adopt :smiley:

Uko na ufala

show little interest tell her you will marry her utapanuliwa rahisi kula kwa condom hepa

Mind the little ones. Dont call them bastards

:D:D:D:D:D…Kwa ground ,vitu Ni different

Huyu by mid next year atakuwa na mtoto wa tatu na sperm donor aingie mitini.

Bastard: a person born of unmarried parents; an illegitimate child
Is that not what her kids are??


Am sure it was “am 18 with one child, looking for a serious…” three years from now it will be " am 22 with four children looking for a God fearing man to settle with".

Tragedy is you’ll not miss some fool who’ll fall for it and come weeping here vile alimpata na one of the baby daddy’s akilambwa kinembe…

This is a tale as old as time

Pia stripper wangu pale Bavon alisema ako 19yrs,.,… Kiuno uno

Tulisema mechi ikianza 1-0, abort mission.

“akilambwa kinembe” hehehehe

You are very unkind

Apana tambua burukenge. Haiwesekaan.

Hapa ni kuchukua slices na kurudi karura

any man who opts to marry a singo matha should be tired to a tree and whipped real good till his brains shift back to his head.

She needs a serious pole to inbox.