Kunguru za Tagged zimefika Perfect Match

Back then(Before Holy Matrimony) I met this kunguru pale Tagged nikazama hadi kwake (Kasarani maji mazuri) … Nimeshangaa kumwona Perfect match akiset standards…Nimeisha yangu yote



Pathetic shit… it’s painful to watch wacha nitafute panadol. The bitch is uuuuuuggggly

she looks worse than qwasimodo:eek::eek:

if you know,you know

so clearly you’ve reached epiphany where YOU should have set,if not raised YOUR standards:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D i give you consolation on that bootay tho,iko sawa but sio penyewe.Cover the face…[SIZE=1]you know the rest[/SIZE]

I first knew this girl in 2015 through 2go. Then she was living in githurai 44. She was so smaller, about 1gb. But she had a really nice pussy. I ferked her not once but 3 times. That was so sweet. I haven’t met her 3 years now but from the look of things she has really changed. Then she was so beautiful, but right now anebeat.

I’m not surprised she was in tagged too. Who else has ducked her?
Don’t forget cd. These days i don’t trust her

OBADO Tumia Condom

What yani she cunt remember her body counts …inakaa amekuwa hoe since 21st and now willing to settle for anything

Without effidense we zero down your ferking sessions to wet dreams. To salvage yourself, attach a thermal image sio kusema hapa she was so beautiful. Meffi nv

Mdomo kama ya bata.

Sura mbovu

Facial Appearance kando kidogo afanane na Obado
That booty though…on fleek can tap it real good

You are all witnessing the Evolution of a future Socialite…
Remember this one…??


Inaonekana she knows what she wants . Hataki mwanaume wakulialia

@Liberty remember her legs in your prayers

Hehe hii dunia ina mengi.

[ATTACH=full]200845[/ATTACH] @Duke of Thika Road = @Obsidian

Haha. 070727479…huyu ni malaya wa mwiki…cheap sana…

shida ya tagged ni backlog
ukiblock mtu u can still see their shitty face and rematch after 2 weeks
nikikublock i want u blocked for 99 years with no possibility of rematch… just like tinder

She is into hoe business