Kunguru rankings

Level 1 - Kawaida chic. This one is dating one man but she has several other orbiters in her friendzone waiting just in case the main relationship goes sour

Level 2 - Slay queen. This is the lady who employs alpha fucks/beta bucks strategy. She has two guys she’s sleeping with: one who she lusts for and one who she uses for money/favors

Level 3 - Slay sugu. This is the lady who sleeps with 3 or more men at the same time, each one having a defined purpose in her life. Mmoja wa salon, mmoja wa rent, mmoja wa drinks, mmoja wa trips etc

Level 4 - Lanye. This is the woman who has a day job but sells her body once in a blue moon if times are tough or if she gets an offer she can’t refuse

Level 5 - Club lanye. This is the girl who poses in clubs and tries to act normal, but she will ask you to name your price if you start to show interest in sleeping with her. Sometimes she allows men to chipo her from the club just so she can get a place to sleep juu hana kwake, ama kwake ni pigsty

Level 6 - Street walker. These are the desperate, poor drug addicts and singo mathas who have no time for games and just have to sell cat on the street to at least five men a day for a fixed price. They sometimes moonlight in brothels wakichoka kupigwa baridi kwa barabara

There is some overlap between level 4, 5 and 6, but not a lot.