Kunguru ni kunguru

This is so true. A lot of the kids here are just wankers.

Being Mexico I thought there should be some gun fighting and or a brawl.

Lots of bitter no pussy getting mofos on this thread. Kijiji is all about sharing experiences. If you have been following my threads you’ll notice I haven’t been talking about my sexual escapades until recently. That’s because I changed locations, from Maasai Mara where there’s literally no women to fuck and you have to endure with dryspell for long to an area where you are drowningin pussies. Now that I am in an area code with plenty of university and high school chiqs, I eat like I never ate. At the same time, I may come across a delicious looking somebody’s wife once in a while, actually rarely, and I nail it. If you cannot understand this lifestyle, then you’re probably the one not getting any pussies. And just for the record, am probably the only ktalker whose never touched his dick to masturbate. Now you no pussing getting mofos can die if you wish.