Kunguru ni kunguru


Man of the Year

That was concrete

Angekuwa na majamaa wa Sinaloa cartel at hand

Viva Mehico. Puta

Tukikulianga washenzi kama @Top-Gun bibi hatunanga ubaya na hai, we are just helping the wife scratch the itch in her canal passage. Lakini tukiattend baby shower ya mimba tumepachika bibi yao, now that’s personal.

This reminds me I need to go to Mexico

Beta male simp utakulaje bibi ya mtu na wewe ni incel. Hata single mothers hawakutaki so you aren’t a threat to anyone.

That’s you yourself. Always projecting your unhealthy fears and failures on others. As for me, I contniue getting fresh coochies each day of the week. Some people’s wives. As long as Abdalla salutes I follow suite

Not really, beta male simp. People who get fresh supply of pussy daily don’t rant about it online to strangers, because it is not an achievement. Wewe ile kelele unakuwanga nayo online it is obvious you are a timid incel in real life.

What rant? So you expect me to chicken out and let you spread your feminist agenda?? Whichever way you choose to see it and whatever Psychology bullshit theory you choose to apply, I get pussy in abundance in real life and all you get is blue balls

Ghasia hakuna siku hupita kabla huja-rant juu ya kukamuana na kuingia karura forest. Hata kwa hii comment nime-quote umerudi default settings za kelele about fresh pussy. Yako ni daily, probably hourly. The emptiest vessels make the most noise and you are the noisiest story za kukulana huku Kenyatalk. Ni kama kukamuana ni achievement kubwa sana kwako. Kwa hivyo wewe ni virgin.

Hapo kunguru has been beaten at her own game :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Jamaa akona mpaka concrete evidence…!!

I strongly suspect that you’re a 30+ year old single mother who doesn’t get dicks. Ni wanawake kama hao ndo huwa na machungu kama yako. Ama akuna mtu wa kukuna mkundu?

Only a k.ip.ii like you who never gets laid, would feel the need to boast endlessly to strangers online about how he fucks young pussies na kuingia karura with such frequency. If you got laid more often, hungeona point ya ku-broadcast your few sexual conquests to strangers. Kila comment yako ni about getting a lot of fresh pussy kama mtu ako adolescence. When you become a man, uzoee kukulana, you will stop feeling the need to broadcast your sexual conquests. For now, you are a virgin incel boy who is very loud on sex issues.

Hijo de puta

I don’t understand how people on social media chest thump about their sexual prowess to strangers. I for one siezi kuja kuringa the way I got laid today morning and how I’m planning to do it in the evening. Oh ok maybe I just let the cat out of the bag but surely you won’t see me coming here every day to report. I have come to spot the serious financial and emotional insecurity among lads on social media just from their tutabias.

He brags about getting fresh pussy frequently but at the same tym anakulanga bibi za watu(another lie). It just doesn’t add up. People who get fresh pussy no affi time for old, beat up muffs of married women. Njia ya mwongo ni fupi kweli. This dude just doesn’t get pussy at all, trust this.

You believe in what people say here?? Anything said here I usually take it with a pinch of salt. Kwanza hawa watu wanasemanga vile wanakamuana day in day out. Hao ni serial wankers.

Kunguch origi