Kunguru ni kunguru

Came across this pale MKZ yani hii kunguru imefikisha 27 body count na there’s an idiot out there ati atataka kuifuga someday [MEDIA=facebook]id=2063527383960695;type=video;user=AndrewKibeSpeaks[/MEDIA]

Then she’s inexperienced…I was expecting 54

She has guts telling the whole world how many guys have cum deep inside that vagina.
Brave girl

Body count ya mwanamuke haikuhusu sikio wala ndewe…in other word firifiri usioila…

Summary ,20 minutes siwezi

weka time stamp ghasia

When a woman tells you the number of men she has slept with, multiply that figure by three. When a man brags about the number of women he has laid, divide the figure by three.

How can I unsee this. :eek:

Huyo manzi ni wa hii kijiji, amesema mjuels

Ponder this, a college chic has 6 flings lasting a night each with 6 different guys during the course of her studies.
Another chic has an affair with a single guy for the entire duration and is living under the same roof with him practically living together as man and wife.
Now which of the two would you say is the most used up one?
You now see the nonsense that is body count?

Hapo umetuchocha buda kwani bibi yako unamkanyaga daily na unafikisha ktalk threshhold?

I should know what am talking about.
I lived with a KU chic in my bachelor crib for over two years and we broke up after she procured an abortion against my wishes.
Whoever ended up with her might as well as having ended up with a divorcee.
People marry and divorce in less time.

WTF?These people are privileged. I envy them.

we all marry kungurus bro… to make it worse you may end up marrying a whore… if she was a whore huko Kisii na mpatane place ka Nakuru hakuna mtu atajua kama alikuwa malaya

Kisii Sasa imetokea wapi hapa…

body count or not,i would nut my soul and spinal fluid into kamene’s cervix and breed the shiet out of her,otherwise my name ain’t so.This bbw is my kryptonite isweya:p:D…ferk your next opinion

Hiyo mileage is tampered with. Lazima ni 60k n above.

mileade yake lazima ni 500+

Halafu unaitishwa mahari ya 2m. Ooh boychild.

Kisii na Nakuru zimeunganishwa na Kisii street…