Kunguru Mind

I have never understood the mind of kunguru’s. They want money yet play hard to get, why?

Their intention is not to love you but fleece you of your hard earned money and run for the woods.

well said @Ken_Sarro. na btw ulinyamaza sana. nimehata hekaya zako omwami.

Kuna vile shughuli ni mingi sana omwami but narudi na hekaya kem kem. stay posted.

Playing hard to get, mixed signals etc are good signs of disinterest. If a woman sends you mixed signals, it means she was weighing options, and you have been found wanting. You are not the first among those optionns, she’s probably deliberating between you and what she perceives is a better prospect.

Or maybe she just realised you were better looking when she was drunk.:slight_smile:

Playing hard to get is normal but if she’s is doing it without any endgame, then you can definitely conclude for yourself that you are of no value in her eyes. You being gullible enough to continue showering her with your hard earned money in order to make her fall for you won’t help it. Cut your losses, move on to the next.

womes are dangerous. i hate womens

hapo sawa

May be she is not a kunguru after all and if she is, you are yet to hack her class.

if it’s based on what or where you can afford don’t waste your time on it. Toka ngojea next. Your male ego will want you to prove to her that #unaweza but mathafatha don’t. trust me in that

No one understands that mind, ni mungu tu! Scarcity mindset hinders progress.


Then don’t give them your hard-earned money/waste it on them. Problem solved.

Uwes?? Halo Aloha

brown skin nunuliwa pilsner na wazee na ujue unaenda kupasuliwa mayai mkundu

When you called them womens, I concluded you must be super gay.

but am not . I height gays too

width them too

:D:D pia Mes are dangerous… They hate mens

no. When he said he hates womens