Kunguru kugeuziwa

She thought popping a unit every year will be a ticket to a better life.

I laud Kenyan judges! Kuma sio ticket ya utajiri


Where do you guys think she’s from and why is it Central?

Hio ni bet ilikunywa maji…but hio stake ya 5 children waa!

Were does this apply in that case ? Jamaa aliacha genetic material ikitembea and yet his money is free from the host

bado watoi wako entitled to mali ya huyo mujamaa

Hakuna kulipa dowery riwe riwaro

It’s called going all in. Ikiungua inachoma kila kitu. Now those kids are in danger of experiencing the wrath of a bitter woman. She never loved them, they were mere tools to an end. Now they’re just a purposeless burden.