Kunguru kama hizi za heinkein ni hasara tu

I got to ask , why don’t you just take your date to a local. Tell her upfront ’ Beb ,tuende nikushikie KC pineapple’ :D:D:D:D
This need to impress is your undoing.

Wengine even venue they select. Ati I want a classy place. Ooh that place you are saying is far. Let’s meet at place x. Etc.

That also becomes a red flag. You want to chose venue and you aren’t paying.

Many men also play nice with people who aren’t nice or decent.

Unachaguliwa kwenye mtatumia pesa yako :D:D:D:D

:smiley: that sounds crude but very true

You know what to do…

Hekaya ifuatiliye ndio iwe funzo :D:D

:D:D hii editor yako ya mbisha ni yupi

Yes. If i am buying…my kibanda of choice

I can relate, had a horrifying incident yesterday with a BBW. Sahii nikiona matako kubwa napata PTSD because wueeeh

Lakini ukimwangalia anakaa the type of woman who has a nasty sense of entitlement, wenye wanakuforce ununue pombe and they won’t even dance with you or pay attention when you want to have a conversation. Hii ni mwiba wa kujidunga na haumbiwii…

:D:D:DWhat happened mwanakijiji pia @Jimit what went wrong

This women have been sold the fake dream that if they are thick, they are automatically a World Wonder, best thing to happen, they dont need to work. Mungu akusaidie usipatane na mwenye ni illiterate juu hao wanakuja na attitude Titanic mzima. i think in a couple of years sote tutaogopa fatties. Ilinipea kesi but uzuri I never lift a finger back nikapewa tu onyo na kusamehewa


Umeamua kijiji idedi pamoja na manyau courtesy of curiosity ama? CC: @Alexanderr

What the fuck r u doing with illiterate hoes? Be serious

I wouldnt know in the first place

If she cant take a bottle of Whiskey or Gin then let her foot her bill. Kunguru analewa chenye amepata kwa meza si entitlement za waaanaa