Kunguru hangs baby from bar stool while she drinks at pub


Millenium parents wako kila mahali


Kinyozi, tuseme hii upus huwa umeiweka bookmarks kwa simu ready for retrieval when and if needed?

Juu hukosagi hii maneno ya memes. Na ni kama hawaja-kushow memes are so 4 years ago but carry on. I guess someone has to post crap that was created 7 years ago. Hehehe

[SIZE=5]Kinyozi @Tom Bayeye ukijikuta in life bado unapost ujinga ama unavaa fashion ya zamani jua nikuzeeka unazeeka lakini umeachwa nyuma na wakati. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Juu saa hii uko 43 years. 7 years ago ulikuwa 36.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]2013 ukanunua smart phone ya kwanza,uka-discover memes na funny photos but you have refused to let go![/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Hata @screwplus alifikisha 27 last year akaona enyewe it’s time to grow up. No more memes and gifs za upus.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]But I have to say @screwplus is one of the few talkers who has ever run circles around the master troll @uwesmake . :D[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Screwplus alikuwa anakunia thread za huyo village boy hehe. Anajaza spiderman hapo mbukusu anaskia kaa kujiua. And I think they are both Luhyas.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]@uwesmake avoids @screwplus like a slayqueen avoids poverty. @uwesmake hakufurahia hio maneno ya spiderman hata kidogo.[/SIZE]

Simu ni calls and texts pekee yake. I am a meme-ologist :smiley: just like you are an avid trumpologist,you have every arsenal against anyone who hates amurica and that orange guy at your finger tips. I have memes older than you so suffice to say i can meme you to a 23 year old crap. Why do you get hot and bothered son over 4yo memes and gifs,ni lazma uziangalie?

I have no idea what your titties are on about dropping names but …
[SIZE=1]Is this a good and “not so 4 years ago” meme?[/SIZE]

Meme zako ni mzee na tena zinabore. Ambia kijana Screwplus akufunze hii maneno plus he actually lives in the U.S ghettoes where they create that crap.

Moving on, @Tom Bayeye now you are 43 years old . Even your mafuthi has started getting ugly grey hairs. Your knees have started to produce sounds. Your first born is already on social media. Mnapitana kwa corridor kila mtu na meme zake kwa bookmarks… surely @Tom Bayeye don’t you think it is time to grow up?

Malisa hio mkebe kabisa

Atleast you got something right about me.
You sound bitter. Kwani umeachwa na boifrend ama?

All the kids featured in the memes you have posted above are today teenagers na bado wewe uko tu hapa still posting their childhood photos!

Still posting photos that were posted on Myspace and facebook in 2008 and were then stolen and repurposed by a nerd who created memes in 2013… and @Tom Bayeye is still regurgitating that old stuff in 2020 as new and “hip” stuff.

Do you see the tv and the phone in meme number 5???

Niambie huyo mtoto ako how old leo? And that TV is positioned in a wierd angle to mother and child suggesting photoshop.

Yeah,patricia,let it all out,anger is not good for your young self .

He’s older than you for sure:D

Enyewe that Gen X turd named @Tom Bayeye needs to grow tf up. Jamaa is still rocking his FUBU jeans from 93 with a Yankees cap to cover his receding hairline

You again:D:D:D. How many handles do you have sir?
Im bald you nincompoop

[SIZE=6]apparently incest porn is very popular…i wonder why & how ? …check the stats [/SIZE]

Not all women can give birth. Of those who can, a percentage of them have absolutely no mothering ability.