Kunguru gf

Hello people,
I met with a chick on March and we’ve been pushing on together as far relationship is concerned. I feel so attached to her and since we met she claims she got pregnant for me-its true and visible she’s pregnant.Shes slightly older than me and is a single mom of two. I have been going to her place freely and even sleeping there.Lately I came to learn she is a lanye and even has a room in those danguros… I didn’t expect she was a saint as such coz she even used to tell me she steal from drunkands their valuables… funny huh? And she actually withdrew 2k when we last drunk together from an mpesa agent, I didn’t consult her and she acted cool…
What’s the chances of love here from her?What about the unborn kid that’s mine?
Bear in mind she didn’t get to me coz I have money only that am good looking,well according to her and she treated me so nicely she would also buy drinks for us.Another thing I’ve not mentioned us she infected me with gonorrhea.
Huyu mtu mnaona aje wazito?


KUNGURU hafugiki

Hakuna kunguru, admin anarecycle stories na handles tofauti

Itabidi umuoe na uwache kusumbua

:D:D:Dpole nigga… shugulikia diapers,stds na nhif:D:D:D


Hahahaha. Pole Sana kaka. Run to the nearest forest as fast as possible

Does she love me? What’s going on in her mind? Psychology?

Ingia mitini haraka sana.

Diet ya ktalk huwa sugu jo:D:D:D:D
Mother if two,peddling her wares in backstreets?

You need a brain transplant.

Manze ako fine,so pretty light skin,haga fiti na some grip

Why is that young man

ulijitega ukiona.

Kunguru sugu imepatana na mwizi sugu.Tbh you two deserve each other

She was so into me when we kicked off I must admit my mind was quite clouded

Geyman can’t relate straight issue manenos as usual


Mbona hii story siamini!

:smiley: conman amekuwa conned, pwagu kapata pwaguzi