Kunguru from Sabina joy to lavington

Wenye tulikula for 500 wengine wanapewa Kwa 5k

With Lanye, it all depends on where you meet her. Kuna Mwenye utapatana na Yeye streets then you agree shot ya 200 but the pussy becomes sweet, you might end up with an agreement of may be 1k for the whole night, especially if it’s late in the night. But kuna mwingine atatoa number yake Kwa mtandao then he will pay her 2k for one hour of pleasure. LANYE, Just like property investment, Location determines the value/pricing

Stop stating the obvious. Ulizaliwa 2000?

Career development. Akiwa SJ alikuwa trainee. Saa hii yuko na experience.

And she can now afford candida medication…hana harufu mbaya tena

Akikuwa Ananuka?

hizi takataka ziko wapi ? @TrumanCapote

Indeed. Plus wale wajanja hujuwa where to go when they want high end clientele. Dem anapiga shift SJ weeki mzima atengeneze at least 10k. Alafu anaingia Social House and buys herself a meal/drink while waiting for potentials. Akipata anaquote 10k - 20k without blinking knowing that’s nothing to folks there. Akikafunga apate a repeat customer, kila session ni hio bei and above.


spoken like a true expert

Nose ring is now a trade mark.

She still takes home the same amount. In Lavington, the brothel owner takes 4500 and she keeps 500.


That is not true, they’re “independent contractors”, paying a daily rate like rent to the brothel, and then making their own money per encounter

These ugly bitches have so much makeup on, imagine the transformation they have to go through every morning before getting fwakked:

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very true and I can relate. Back when I used to mess with lanyes I got the best sex for cheap. Nakumbuka nikidinya malaya sj for 100 na walikuwa warembo bila tricks. I didn’t even buy liquor for them afterwards. I guess ni juu nilikuwa naenda sj mid morning or afternoon ish before their hustle mode kicked in or something. Magizani the bitches were tricks as fuk

Mid morning come on man wacha mchezo. Ulikuwa utuambie vile uliwekewa mchele huko SJ

100 bob? You must be in your forties… That most be many years back

Hawa ni na malegends, long before many people knew what was taking place there. But nowadays, hata kama umeenda kukojoa, the minute you step out of that place and people see you, they will conclude umetoka kumwaga mbegu. Si umeona akisema alikuwa analipa Soo moja

dada yako alikuambia hivyo?