Kunguru confessions

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Ctrl +c from cyprians facebook page

Chiethna,when Japanese young girls are forming banks, kenyan ladies wanafikiria sponsorhood,sponsoring and sponsored then you complain of not finding husbands .

Nakwambia yaani, wacha tu… Eish… :mad::cool:

Haha woi these hoes

these hoes damn!!!

Yani hadi mtu analipa mahari kwa big sister ya rafiki ya kunguru akidhani ni mama ya kunguru, hii ni kucheswa proper

Wanaume wachaneni na hizi groups za umama…mta pata pressure bure.

@goodlazyfella kimbia huku kidogo!:eek::eek::eek::mad::mad::mad::frowning:

Shaitani ni mwanamke! Na mwanamke ni Saitan!

No…not just husbands. Now they just complain about men in general. Sijui ati most men don’t know what consent is and we will over react if a gay guy touches yet they won’t mention a word about a woman touching another woman or a woman touching another guy to emphasize that issue of consent. When Samantha was a big story, ungewaskia wakisema ni “end of the world” yet that could be one way that would atleast aid reduce these rape cases lakini wao tu ni kuteta. I haven’t even mentioned this new breed of feminist who will just complain about anything and everything.

Weeuh people are wicked out here

hahahaha waah!

Hawa sasa ndio tunafaa kuoa?

And they complain when I want to keep things casual hehe

Hawa ndio wale unaskia ile mjulubeng imewatembelea inaweza toka Cape Town hadi Cairo and back.

To avoid hii blood pressure, I will meet a woman, i will screw her, her friends, sisters and mother if she’s edible… For free ofcourse…na inaishia papo hapo. That is how i chose kuishi and for over a decade its been working 100%. If you want a happy, healthy and long life, leave love to the birds.

only simps get played and they like

Haha naona ulicheswa mblo.leta hekaya

MGTOW for ever

Some of these men weko hapa hapa kwa hii kijiji. They’re the most vocal elements on matters women.
Wasapere wana msemo kwamba, hakuna mwanaume mwerefu mbele ya mwanamke.