Kunguru amesema hazai tena


Beta male with resources locked in. Target acquired. @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii ataona hii news alale na viatu :D.

I remember kulikuwa na thread ya hawa watu. The primary concern was that the nigga was marrying a post-wall single mother. Wanaume, never ever marry a single mother because they are all inherently selfish and after men with resources to help them raise their bastards. Niaje @byro ? You are next hombre. :D:D

NB: I am pro-marriage but don’t be dumb to marry someone with another man’s kid/s. She only needed one kid from the nigga to lock him in. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had no genuine feelings for him, but he has sizeable pockets to provide for her and her two kids. It was business, nothing personal. And now she has the law to whip the beta male into submission for life. Chungeni sana young lions. It is a jungle out there.

Post wall bitch is not joking

I told you boys…i told…you felllas!?!

Alpha Male cut offf ni 22 years.

Beyond there, kula na uachie the next victim

Don’t EVER EVER EVER marry these tired donkeys past 23 years…usijaribu…dont!

Jamaa ameshikwa child support for the next 18 years. May God in Heaven help him. Saa hii ata sex atakuwa akiionea kwa Viusasa. Very stupid foool this one.

Huyu jamaa alimpea ball ama bado ama alisaidiwa?

After God fear women and hot porridge

In this era, where women use the law to enslave men, marrying a single mother is the dumbest thing a man can do. She got what she wanted; the contract and a kid to prove it. I am sure kabla apate mimba jamaa alikuwa anapewa styles zote na anaambiwa exactly what he wanted to hear. He can’t back out now without losing 50% of his entire networth, and still being liable for child support (two kids including mwenye sio wake) for 18 years. No way out. Totally cornered.

Single mothers (almost all of them) marry primarily for resources/business. It doesn’t take a genius to know that the kunguru wanted only one kid from the guy to make the contract airtight. Sasa ni kukamuliwa properly for the rest of his life juu hata after 18 years, she can file for divorce and take half of his property.

Hio acha ikuwe funzo kwake na wengine wenye tabia za kishenzi kama zake. Nigga had the money to land a cute 21-year-old almost virgin chiq but akaamua anataka mileage ya basi in the name of 'maturity"

Hehehe, atajua kumbe hajui

If your kid is not your girlfriend’s first-born, chances are you are signing up for a long con and the relationship is not genuine. The thing I know about women, after they have their first child, any relationship and marriage after that is usually out of convenience/business. In fact, most single mothers would never choose the beta male they entrap if they did not have a child in the first place. After a series of pumps and dumps from alphas, they realize that no alpha would ever marry them with a bastard. So they do the next best thing, find a beta with the most resources and marry for the money/social status, not love. Smart on their part, dumb on the guy’s part.

True that…100%

poor guy , sasa hawezi zaa second born to represent a relative ! okuyu wanaelewa hii maneno

That’s why I advice young men and senior bachelors like you to only marry childless women. It is not perfect and there are no guarantees, but the odds of being in a long con are acceptably low. Otherwise hiyo pesa nunua the latest Mercedes C63 Coupe with AMG kit u-enjoy maisha.

If you are going to marry, make sure you get a good deal. A childless and young woman. Anything less and the risks outweigh the rewards bigly.

But I really dont blame the jamaa.These women are very good at hiding their long term intentions bana.Ana ku treat kama king na kukupea sex balaa.When other women wana ku treat kama trash anakuonyesha venye the other women dont deserve you.Ukishaingia box unaanza kutoanishwa doh.Mara my mum is sick,I need to complete my mamas project,‘our baby’ (mwenye sio wako) needs to go to a better school kwani why are you working etc etc.If you refuse to give her money she will be guilt trippin you using her kid mpaka utoe pesa.The daybyou will pay fees for the kid,just once,and she gets to keep the receipt,that’s how you gonna continue paying until the kiddo gets to 18years.Kenyan courts hapana ambia mwanaume mwenye anaanzakulipa fees then anaacha.You will never grow financially as you raise another niggas toi.I saw a couple.The beta male had been convinced to wear a tshirt that said ‘Am the father who stepped up’.Stepped up to poverty I guess.

I said it here… The problem starts after like 5 years when ata yeye amekuondoa kwa market… That guy can’t and won’t find any genuine girl from now in Kenya. Sema foreigner or a dumbass from ocha ule hajui selina. But any girl will want him juu ya how he treated selina. Now he can’t go, ameshikwa makendeee

Harpic fumes are deadly…Njugush rightfully calls her “wamapupu”…Hapa boy child amepigwa kanzu na chobo kaladi

I agree with you boss…his goose is cooked, but lakini siezi m-blame…game ya singo mathas ni Champions League

kuoa singo madha ni blunder. hio ghassia alioa ni kitu imeshadinya wall

Beta male alidhani amefunga bao kumbe yeye ndio alikua goal :D:D

:D:D:D:D:D… Red pill philosophy teachings can be ignored but the painful lessons will never be forgotten.