kunguru alipewa discipline,


:D:D pesa ya kunguru unakuanga tamu

How do you expect us to read all that shit on such a day. Sere

Leta samari

Why did I read all that?

Shika tunyanye kwanza …fokoff!


kuna ndume hupenda za bure. kunguru alipatikana na kweli alitii.

Anybody saying this is a case of kunguru kupatikana is a broke bitter lowest kind of man ever. This is clearly a case.of leeching, why would you be happy when your fellow man is leeching??

What is it about? :smiley:

My frog still exists?

Nilieka hapa kwa fone, napenda sana.

Leta nyanyako ni mshike kwanza.
Mbwa kasia


[ATTACH=full]277433[/ATTACH]me minding my business

Oh my God! Leeching on someone for almost ten years?! Too sad.

Nowadays we have useless sissy men.but for that guy,its more of a psychological problem


That’s a dark Triad man,women find them irresistible because they are unpredictable

One painful lesson we are all taught is stop judging people with our own understanding. We are very different and what you think nobody can do is someone hobby. And this applies to everyone, even your own parents. Any feel of emotion be it love, hate, anger, greed etc clouds our judgement and we hurt or mislead ourselves and others by our poor judgement. I will never loan anybody anything I am not okey giving out for good be it a parent or my own child. Actually do not trust your feelings unless you rationally understand what you are doing.